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Latest Headlines

NSA spin-off, Sqrrl launches linked data analysis platform

Sqrrl--a big data security analytics company that commercializes NSA technology--spun out of the NSA two years ago. With all the public debate over the government's use of data, particularly over the NSA's use of it, it comes as a surprise to many that NSA technologies would be commercialized and made available to the private sector. 

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The top news stories for Feb. 27, 2015.  

Cybersecurity most hindered by lack of resources, communication disconnect

A new study reveals that a lack of resources and a critical disconnect between CISOs and senior corporate leadership are preventing many organizations from properly addressing growing cybersecurity threats.

Critical remote vulnerability found in Samba

A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the widely-used Samba software component.

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The top news stories for Feb. 25, 2015.

IIA report: Companies failing to detect emerging risks due to the loss of internal auditors

The report finds that an alarming number of companies are unable to identify emerging risks ranging from cyberthreats to geopolitical developments, global health threats, and social media due to a shortage of skilled internal auditors.

Cybercriminals target trading algorithms, patents, trade secrets, manufacturing yields

Cybercriminals are targeting far more than bank card information and identity data these days. Now they're after everything from corporate secrets to stealing trading algorithms. Indeed, innovation is arguably highest in cybercrime as they search and find more ways to monetize stolen data.

Security worries are a nightmare for CIOs

More than anything else, issues related to IT security are what keep CIOs up at night. But adding to the anxiety my be concerns that many CIOs themselves are not doing enough to put up a best defense.

New Barbie doll, other toys gather voice data on kids and households

Hello Barbie uses speech recognition to record your kid's conversations and store them in the cloud. As all voice recognition apps are wont to do, the doll records any human speech it detects in an effort to intelligently respond. So, any human conversation within its hearing can be stored in the cloud and analyzed.

14-year-old hacks cars; Vehicle data is subject to tracking, cyberattacks

A 14-year-old successfully demonstrated how cars can be hacked thereby illuminating both a new source of data that can be secretly gathered by any number of private and public big data practitioners, and a new cybersecurity worry.