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Latest Headlines

US banks, Norwegian energy firms latest cyberattack victims

The pace of large-scale cyberattacks has increased to almost daily now, with the latest being word of cyberattacks against several U.S. financial institutions, and approximately 300 energy firms in Norway.

What is Backoff and how can you protect your organization from this malware?

We take a closer look at the Backoff malware, and identify some possible ways of defending your organization against it.

Tips for addressing cybersecurity with the board

If there is one group paying special attention to cyber-attacks today it is America's corporate directors. Stephen Boyer offers advice on how board members and security executives can have meaningful dialogue on what to do about them.

BabyX reads its first words--artificial intelligence is growing up

One cannot talk intelligently about big data and not be thinking of its ultimate outcome: artificial intelligence, or AI. BabyX is not a real baby but it shows us just how far AI has already come.

It's time Congress hears about records management from the IT pros

Every time a government agency is taken to task in a courtroom for losing files, mishandling records or mismanaging documents, department heads line up to take the stand (and sometimes the fall). So why aren't the information professionals on the hot seat too?

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Researchers successfully steal decryption keys by touching a laptop

Researchers from Tel Aviv University demonstrate how they successfully recover decryption keys by touching exposed metal parts of laptop computers.

Consumer groups, big data and the rise of new consumer protection analytics

For decades now, companies have tried to sneak information and permissions past consumers by burying it in fine print, be that in paper contracts or online terms-of-service. Look for the consumerization of analytics and big data wielding consumer groups to bring those practices to a screeching halt.

More on the latest privacy debate: de-identification vs holding researchers legally responsible

Members of the  FierceBigData  community with substantial experience in addressing privacy issues responded with some outstanding insights and some actionable best practices for individual researchers.

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