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Latest Headlines

Too many organizations have false sense of IT security

IT security is getting plenty of attention these days – from the CIO, to the CEO, to the board of directors. While the increased attention is certainly good news, a large number of organizations have a false sense of security when it comes to how safe they really are, notes BitSight's Stephen Boyer.

News Scan: OEM seeks top IT project managers; IoT reaches $11.1 trillion in value; More

The top news stories for July 7, 2015.

Fortscale, Cloudera partner to deliver Hadoop-Based User Behavior Analytics to enterprise security teams

The recently announced partnership between Fortscale and Cloudera produced a joint product designed to deliver massively scalable Hadoop-based user-behavior analytics to enable quick discovery and response to insider threats.

7 steps to avoid the bite of cloud security risks

Apparently, someone decided this Sunday should officially kick off "Shark Week," in celebration of all things shark. Cloud data protection firm Perspecsys has provided a list of '7 cloud security mistakes bound to bite you.'

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The top news stories for July 1, 2015.

State of IoT security: Free data and infrastructure control for the taking!

When it comes to hacks, we have yet to see anything like what's waiting in the wings for IoT. Not only will data be stolen from things, but things will be used to attack the data center and hackers will control and destroy the things too. And all of it will happen at a grand and frightening scale. At least it will if nothing changes.

Spotlight: Teaching AI how to make moral choices

Nick Bostrom, a philosopher and technologist, explains that AI is really about continual optimization and how humans can suffer from myopic optimization events. In his TED talk, he explains how we...

CISOs need more clout, but how much is enough?

Cybersecurity has become a top level concern at most organizations. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that IT security and boards of directors are now a top-level concern for IT leaders.

Wayin, Klout partner on ranking social media data relevancy

Wayin will fully integrate Klout's profile data into their analytics to further assist with social media content credibility issues. The move is designed to give Wayin customers the ability to filter social content "based on a person/brand's expertise on a given topic and their overall social influence."

Companies averaging 4 insider-threat attacks per year

When it comes to insider security threats, the third time is definitely not the charm. In fact, the typical organization now experiences 3.8 insider security incidents per year, at an average cost of $445,000.