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Latest Headlines

Eavesdropping bug found in Google Chrome

An Israel-based developer has discovered a design flaw in Google Chrome that could allow a rogue website to turn on the victim's microphone and listen in without any indication of it happening.

Developer who introduced 'Heartbleed' OpenSSL bug speaks

The   Sydney Morning Herald  conducted what was probably the first interview of the German software developer who was responsible for introducing the critical security flaw into the Heartbleed bug.

Feds' right to sue in data breach incidents upheld

The Federal Trade Commission's assertion that it has the right to sue companies found negligent in data breach incidents has been upheld in federal court.

Farm machines produce privacy concerns, guidelines underway

Last week the American Farm Bureau Federation, a national independent farmers' group, met with John Deere, Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer to hammer out guidelines to protect farmer privacy and prevent potential market manipulations.

News Scan: DATA Act passes Senate; 2013 a record year for mega breaches;

The top news stories for April 14, 2014.

Beijing government looking to build big data platform

Rest assured that all governments are or will be using big data. The latest to stake claim to its benefits is Beijing.

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Details on Heartbleed bug, what the enterprise can do

A critical bug has been found in the OpenSSL library, apparently introduced more than two years ago in December 2011. Discovered by researchers from Google and security group Condenomicon, the problem is particularly serious due to the severity of the bug, as well as the widespread usage of the open-source library by servers that implement SSL.

Microsoft gives users five weeks to migrate to Windows 8.1 Update

As reported on  Computerworld,  businesses running on Windows 8.1 have until May 13 this year to upgrade to the just released Windows 8.1 Update, and if they fail to do this they will no longer be eligible for security updates and other enhancements.

Data threats and your staff: too many suspects

If you think you can trust your employees to have the company's data safety and security at heart, think again. Inside jobs account for an alarming percentage of data compromises at most organizations.