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SunTrust to remove 'continuing cooperation' clause

SunTrust Banks has removed a controversial clause from its severance agreement that would require laid off workers to remain on call for two years. Computerworld originally drew attention to a "continuing cooperation" clause in the severance agreement SunTrust gave to about 100 laid off IT workers.

IT workers required to be on call for two years as part of unusual severance deal

SunTrust Banks in Atlanta is laying off 100 IT employees as their work is being moved offshore, and their severance agreement stipulates that the soon-to-be-terminated workers are to remain available for two years to offer help if needed – with no further compensation offered, according to a report on Computerworld.

Accenture: It's not enough for IT to adopt a 2-speed mindset

In the age of digital disruption, IT departments are increasingly torn between the need to sponsor digitally-driven innovation and the duties of supporting legacy infrastructure. According to a new Accenture report, the answer to that dilemma lies not in choosing priorities, but in establishing an IT operating model that can run at many speeds at once.

Google lets users mail physical drives for Cloud Storage

Google officially launched its Offline Media Import/Export service that allows users and businesses to mail in their physical drives for upload to Google Cloud Storage.

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More firms using managed service providers, but most on limited basis

With IT budgets remaining fairly flat and skilled IT workers hard to come by in the job market, a growing number of IT departments are turning to managed service models for IT projects and initiatives.

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Department of Commerce CIO embraces 'extreme outsourcing' to streamline efficiencies

The CIO at the DoC's Internal Trade Association has plans to outsource almost his entire IT operations over the next few months. The goal: "be out of the IT business by July."