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Latest Headlines

Moka5 on client-side containerization

When it comes to containerization, Docker sometimes appears to be everything. And when it's not, the focus is frequently on what Docker and its major competitors do--in other words, server-side virtualization. But there are those playing in a different sandbox. Moka5 is one of the vendors focused on client-side virtualization and containerization.

Department of Commerce CIO embraces 'extreme outsourcing' to streamline efficiencies

The CIO at the DoC's Internal Trade Association has plans to outsource almost his entire IT operations over the next few months. The goal: "be out of the IT business by July."

Sonus CTO Kevin Riley talks 2015 predictions, CTO/CIO collaboration

We spoke to Sonus Networks CTO Kevin Riley to narrow down that list and learn about his predictions for enterprise technology in 2015, and find out more about what the CTO looks for when collaborating with the CIO. 

News Scan: IT support in 'no-location job' market; Nurse CIOs on the rise; More

Top news for November, 5, 2014.