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Latest Headlines

Ukrainian IT center campaign assures world that 'it's business as usual'

In the midst of and because of tremendous political unrest in its country, the Ukrainian Information Technology Development Center has launched an awareness campaign to assure the world that the Ukrainian IT industry is going strong.

Bracing for change: Unexpected events require flexibility for scaling down

Enterprise data can grow faster than expected or an entire division could shut down overnight, requiring the enterprise to scale down. There are steps an enterprise can make to ensure that its cloud big data vendor is ready to handle shifts in scale. Part five our FCIO special report, Scaling up for Big Data.

AmeriJet reinvents IT group as culture of innovation

Nothing stays in place very long at AmeriJet International, so it comes as no surprise that the cargo shipping company would reinvent IT as a lean and mean innovation group.

News Scan: Privacy and security efforts; Data center outsourcing; more

Top news stories for Jan. 24, 2014.

Outsourced data centers growing fast, taking jobs with them

Spending on outsourced data centers is on a rampage, and is expected to grow faster this year than last.

Mindtree finds 'right-sourcing' fit to be just right

Right-sourcing is a term that Mindtree has gotten to know very well over the past 12 months. The global technology solutions company has just celebrated the one year anniversary of its Gainesville, FL delivery center, the first the company opened in the United States.