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Latest Headlines

Acceptance of open source has been key to infrastructure automation, says Red Hat exec

Chris Wright, Red Hat's office of technology vice president and chief technologist, feels businesses are more focused on figuring out how to automate their infrastructure stack, ZDNet's Aimee Chanthadavong reported.

Accenture, Deloitte, EY, IBM, PwC and TCS are market leaders in SAP implementation services market, says IDC

A new study from IDC has found that enterprises believe that, for an SAP enterprise app implementation services project to be successful, it needs to "provide functional insights and competence" and "provide industry insights and competence."

Spotlight: Microsoft offers Skype integration with businesses' Web and mobile apps

The new toolkits – dubbed Skype Web SDK and Skype for Business App SDK – will allow businesses and app developers to integrate Skype into their own apps.

Profitable licensing models could bring more open source solutions to the enterprise

While companies like Red Hat have managed to make billions offering a free, open source product on the Web, other open source developers struggle to make money off of their products. A Fair Source license could be a solution to help developers make money, while still upholding the spirit behind open source code.

Zapier reaches for the enterprise with latest upgrade

Zapier this week released Multi-Step Zaps, a new feature that is arguably the most significant upgrade since the service was launched.

Compuware pushes new integrations, acquires code management company to make the mainframe agile

Mainframe software company Compuware Tuesday announced a set of new integrations as well as an acquisition to position its mainframe tech for agile and DevOps processes.  

The GOP and Dems agree on one thing: They want Silicon Valley to help fight ISIS

Somewhere in between the finger pointing, accusations and bad commercials, the Democrats and Republicans currently running for the presidential nomination have found common ground in the tech industry. One thing they agree on is that Silicon Valley should be taking on a bigger role in the fight against terrorism.

SunTrust to remove 'continuing cooperation' clause

SunTrust Banks has removed a controversial clause from its severance agreement that would require laid off workers to remain on call for two years. Computerworld originally drew attention to a "continuing cooperation" clause in the severance agreement SunTrust gave to about 100 laid off IT workers.

IT workers required to be on call for two years as part of unusual severance deal

SunTrust Banks in Atlanta is laying off 100 IT employees as their work is being moved offshore, and their severance agreement stipulates that the soon-to-be-terminated workers are to remain available for two years to offer help if needed – with no further compensation offered, according to a report on Computerworld.

Accenture: It's not enough for IT to adopt a 2-speed mindset

In the age of digital disruption, IT departments are increasingly torn between the need to sponsor digitally-driven innovation and the duties of supporting legacy infrastructure. According to a new Accenture report, the answer to that dilemma lies not in choosing priorities, but in establishing an IT operating model that can run at many speeds at once.