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Latest Headlines

What's the big deal about Docker's new orchestration tools?

Docker has released a trio of tools designed to make it easier to scale and manage large-scale container deployments. 

Puppet goes native on Arista switches

Arista is adding native Puppet Labs agents to its switches in a move that extends the company's SDN capabilities.

IBM, Juniper bringing embedded analytics to switches

IBM and Juniper Networks are working together to build networking infrastructure with built-in analytics that take advantage of big data to boost performance of applications.

Lack of consistency pervades SD-WAN vendor community

Software-defined WAN announcements and products are turning up a little more frequently as the software-defined networking trend continues to grow. Even so, if SDN is still in its infancy, it may be fair to say that SD-WAN is still in the womb.

Facebook CIO Timothy Campos strives to be social network's efficiency wizard

Facebook's CIO says that his job is to improve the efficiency of the company and sometimes that means building custom software for internal users. 

Open sourcing of network software was long overdue

As you can see from our headlines over the last week, as well as in today's issue of  FierceEnterpriseCommunications, open source in the networking world is currently top-of-mind. Not only has HP thrown down the gauntlet by getting behind the open networking trend, but Facebook also rounded out its Open Compute Project line of switches.

Networking moving to the cloud

Network functions virtualization, software-defined networking's cousin, is still mostly in use only at the telco level, but it's starting to find its uses in the enterprise. One of those few enterprise use cases is in cloud networking services from a handful of vendors and service providers aiming to supply a cloud-based alternative to enterprise WANs.

Cisco targets software companies for acquisition

Cisco may be looking ahead to stern competition from rivals embracing open source, but as software becomes a more integral part of every networking product, the networking vendor has plans. And those plans involve acquisitions.

Open source switches gain more vendor traction

The open source movement is making waves in the networking space as more vendors are opting to build open switches and routers in favor of proprietary technology. HP is the latest vendor to join the open source networking movement, and some are speculating that open networking could give Cisco a run for its money.

Del Papa Distributing drinks a toast to new mobile, IoT efficiencies

The Del Papa Distributing Company reinvents itself with mobile technology and the Internet of Things, realizing efficiencies and employee productivity never before imagined.