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Latest Headlines

Microsoft still working on fix for Office for Mac 2016 crashing on OS X El Capitan

Microsoft says it has isolated the issue, and is working on Apple on a fix for a problem that causes Office for Mac 2016 running on the just-released version of OS X to crash. 

Firefox to drop support for older plug-ins by 2016

Firefox will no longer support most NSAPI plug-ins by the end of 2016, announced Mozilla in a blog post, as part of its strategy for disabling support for legacy plug-ins. The only exception will be Adobe Flash, though Mozilla will specifically work with Adobe to help ensure that the Flash experience is one that is stable and secure.x

The genius behind Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Caught off guard with the launch of the Apple iPad in 2010, Microsoft pushes on with its 2-in-1 concept in hopes of rendering the tablet irrelevant. 

Spotlight: Cisco and whitebox can coexist, says CEO

Cisco Systems has taken a rather hard line against the emergence of whitebox networking products, but CEO Chuck Robbins seems less concerned than his predecessor.

Arista gains small victory from patent review board

The legal dispute between Cisco Systems and Arista Networks isn't over yet, but it looks like in regards to two of the patents Cisco lays claim to, Arista may end up winning.

Array integrates application delivery networking technology with Nutanix Xtreme

Array Networks' application delivery networking technology is now available for use on Nutanix's Xtreme Computing Platform. Array completed the validation on Nutanix's server, storage and virtualization convergence product.

Certes secures SD-WAN with new CryptoFlow products

One inhibitor to adoption of software-defined networking technologies is a concern about the security of the products at this point in their maturity. There are even greater concerns when it comes to software-defined WAN. Security vendor Certes is hoping to put some of those fears to rest.

Ocedo unveils cloud networking offering at AWS re:Invent

Software-defined networking vendor Ocedo launched a new cloud-based networking offering on Amazon Web Services at the public cloud provider's AWS re:Invent 2015 conference in Las Vegas.

Microsoft Edge loses grip on Windows 10

While Microsoft Edge saw a temporary boost with the launch of Windows 10 in July, its share of the browser market has slipped back down to around 12 percent, according to a new report from Quantcast.

Spotlight: Apple ditches VMware for server virtualization

Apple will not renew an enterprise licensing agreement with VMware and will instead deploy KVM, an open source alternative to VMware's server virtualization, according to sources consulted by CRN.