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Zenefits CEO Conrad resigns amid seeming clash of startup mentality versus regulated industry

Zenefits cofounder and CEO Parker Conrad stepped down Monday amid reports that the company let health insurance brokers operate without proper licensing. Chief Operating Officer David Sacks, cofounder and former CEO of Yammer, will succeed Conrad.

Microsoft uses the App Store like a menu for acquisitions and there's little Apple can do to stop it

The app store approach has allowed Microsoft to invade iOS and Android. While the company would otherwise be wallowing in mobile irrelevancy, its war chest has allowed it to continually cherry pick some of the most popular productivity apps for acquisition as well as build out its own offerings.

For Accenture, inclusion isn't just black and white, male or female

Accenture hopes to improve diversity in the copany by not only taking steps to change hiring practices, but to encourage inclusion and understanding among its ranks, and not just in terms of ethnicity or gender.

Spotlight: Amazon spends big on lobbying

Amazon spent $9.4 million on lobbying in 2015, a figure that puts it in the company of other big spenders like Microsoft and Facebook.

When it comes to IT jobs, it's all about DevOps, mobile and security, says SysAid's Sarah Lahav

IT jobs have always been- and will likely always be- a hot topic. Demand for IT talent has ebbed and flowed over the past year, and is finally on an upswing. So what kind of jobs are companies looking to fill? Sarah Lahav of SysAid thinks DevOps, mobile and security are the hottest areas when it comes to the IT workforce.

How the NFL and the Rooney Rule are helping change Slack

Slack today announced in a diversity report its introduction of the Rooney Rule for senior-level leadership roles to help increase the number of underrepresented minorities in those positions.

Promising Connectifier acquisition not enough to save LinkedIn stock from massive plunge

LinkedIn disclosed in an earnings statement Thursday that it has acquired recruiting software startup Connectifier.  

3 things Intel is doing differently when reporting on diversity

While the report is extensive and touches on a slew of facts and figures about Intel's diversity, it's the emphasis on diverse hiring tactics, gender pay parity and an aim to end online harassment that seem to set Intel apart.

Microsoft expands its iOS, Android beachhead with SwiftKey acquisition

Microsoft announced today its acquisition of mobile keyboard software maker SwiftKey. The move fits Microsoft's relatively new strategy of offering its software for non-Windows devices and adds to the growing list of mobile productivity apps and services that the company offers to iOS and Android users.

TheBoardlist launches, aims to boost the number of women on tech company boards

TheBoardlist, an online platform where CEOs and investors can connect with women qualified to join their boards, launched on Tuesday. The site aims to help improve diversity in boardrooms, particularly in the tech industry.