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Latest Headlines

News Scan: HPC-as-a-service; reinventing the CIO role; more

The top news stories for April 16, 2014.

Disruptive technologies creating opportunities for CIOs

Disruptive technologies are creating new opportunities for CIOs and IT to contribute in bigger ways to the success of their organizations, says a new CA Technologies report.

5 tips for navigating the CIO role at tech companies

In a recent post at  Forbes, Peter High--President of advisory firm Metis Strategy--outlines what CIOs in technology companies need to do to stay relevant, improve their IT teams and improve their businesses.

'No Estimates' a boon or boondoggle for software projects?

The #NoEstimates "movement" is the latest hot button in enterprise software development. Unfortunately, its name may obscure the value of the concept.

CFOs coulda, shoulda be IT's top advocates

CFOs could be the strongest evangelists for IT in most organizations, if only they were so inclined. New research reveals that most aren't.

2 CIOs on their not-so-secret weapons for self-improvement

Phil Komarny tweets. Tom Catalini blogs. Both say they're better CIOs for it.

10 CIOs you should follow on Twitter today

As a tech exec, your online presence can be a good way to learn about new ideas, grow your community and staff as well as solve problems quickly. 

1 in 3 IT managers say: The CIO must go!

As if CIOs didn't have enough job survival concerns, now we learn that one of every three managers in their own IT ranks thinks they need to be shown the door.

News Scan: IT mandates stymy CIOs; Hybrid cloud a crowded space; more

The top news stories for April 3, 2014.

CIO project power sharing: get used to it

Collaboration by CIOs has never been more critical, as an increasing number of IT-related projects are now handled jointly by CIO-led teams and business groups.