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Latest Headlines

Oracle slashes more than half of Ellison's stock options

After years of shareholder discontent over executive pay rates are Oracle, the tech giant has reportedly cut Larry Ellison's stock options from 7 million to 3 million.

CMO and CIO courtships could produce tech workers with DNA of both

CIOs and CMOs have turned up the heat on their courtship, and the result could be the demand for a new breed of technology worker that has the DNA of both.

CIOs casting their own 'Shadow IT'

CIOs are usually warned about the risks associated with so-called 'Shadow IT,' but now comes word from Gartner that CIOs may be directly responsible for casting some of that shadow.

7 tips for leading your IT team to greatness

"Young leaders think that … you just automatically come in, and become a team and it just doesn't work that way," says Girdon Tredgold, who has filled a series of leadership positions throughout his 25 years in IT.

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KPMG's CEO study highlights need for IT innovation

More than ever, CIOs have the ability to help transform their organizations. And that fact couldn't come at a more crucial time, as a majority of CEOs worry about their company's ability to stay relevant and competitive.

Wearables in the workplace: How to write an effective BYOx policy

As wearables make their way into the workplace, IT departments must develop new BYOx policies that protect the company and its assets. Joe Siegrist offers advice on what such policies should include.

Some reasons why going completely paperless won't work

Here are some reasons why embracing both paper and digital may be a better idea than going completely paperless.

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