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Latest Headlines

LinkedIn agrees to settle class action regarding its Add Connections feature for $13M

LinkedIn will pay out for $13 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by members who felt that the social network had sent out too many emails on their behalf, according to a proposed settlement.

Concur hopes its cloud experience will rub off on SAP

Even though Concur is a much smaller and younger company than SAP, its leaders said it has a lot to teach its new parent. 

How 'deep learning' works is still a mystery, Microsoft Research head said

Even researchers working in artificial intelligence sometimes don't understand exactly why advancements happen. For instance, so-called deep learning, which is a kind of machine learning, often has the benefit of transfer learning, said Peter Lee, global head of Microsoft Research speaking on Thursday at the Geekwire Summit.

Autonomy founder sues HP for $150M over 'smear campaign'

The founder and former CEO of big data firm Autonomy, Mike Lynch, has filed a $150 million lawsuit against HP for what he alleges is a public smear campaign against him and the Autonomy management team after HP's acquisition of his software firm in 2011.

Nick Hanauer on why tech companies should care about the $15-an-hour minimum wage

Venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has been an  outspoken  supporter of the $15 an hour minimum wage and on Thursday, he explained why tech companies, most of which pay their own employees much more than that, should care. He spoke at the Geekwire Summit in Seattle. 

Here are positives that 3 startup founders learned while working for Amazon

While a number of reports have criticized Amazon for its unrelenting work culture, some former Amazon executives say that the company has plenty of positive management practices. Three former Amazon executives who now run their own startups said that they've adopted some of Amazon's leadership principles in their new businesses. They spoke in Seattle at the Geekwire Summit. 

PwC report: Here are 10 digital behaviors you find at financially strong companies

Professional services firm PwC Wednesday released its 2015 Global Digital IQ Survey [.pdf], which looks at what digital technology organizations use to boost business value. PwC surveyed 2,000 executive throughout 51 countries to gain insight into the relationship between digital investments and business value.

Spotlight: Amazon VP personally responds to condemnations on company's culture

Maria Renz, VP and technical advisor to the CEO for Amazon, penned an opinion piece that Re/code published today on what she sees as the undue criticism some in the media have hoisted on her company and its work culture.

Ellen Pao not required to pay legal fees for Kleiner Perkins

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers filed a court document that releases Ellen Pao from any responsibility to repay the firm's nearly $276,000 of legal fees acrued during the high-profile gender descrimination case, which began in 2012. 

Citrix reportedly looking for full acquisition rather than piecemeal asset selloff

Cloud computing company Citrix is reportedly trying to sell itself as a whole entity rather than selling off assets one by one, according to unidentified sources who spoke with Reuters.