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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Assessing what the Microsoft layoffs mean; San Francisco releases open data strategic plan; more.

The top news stories for July 24, 2014.

KPMG's CEO study highlights need for IT innovation

More than ever, CIOs have the ability to help transform their organizations. And that fact couldn't come at a more crucial time, as a majority of CEOs worry about their company's ability to stay relevant and competitive.

Wearables in the workplace: How to write an effective BYOx policy

As wearables make their way into the workplace, IT departments must develop new BYOx policies that protect the company and its assets. Joe Siegrist offers advice on what such policies should include.

Some reasons why going completely paperless won't work

Here are some reasons why embracing both paper and digital may be a better idea than going completely paperless.

News Scan: Female IT execs earn $25,000 less than male counterparts; Utility IT leaders report no sense of cyber security; more

The top news stories for July 22, 2014.

Creating a team culture of innovation

Eric Winquist offers insights on how CIOs can instill a deep sense of commitment in their IT teams to deliver truly innovative solutons.

News Scan: New York drafts nation's first Bitcoin regulations; Identifying most common big data mistakes; more.

The top news stories for July 21, 2014.

5 steps CIOs can take to manage IT complexity

The expression "keep it simple, stupid," is particularly relevant to CIOs today, as complexity has taken root in many IT departments to a level they haven't seen before.

Mark your calendars for SysAdmin Day

Get your pens, calendars and Google alerts ready. Next Friday, July 25, marks the fifteenth-annual celebration of SysAdmin Appreciation Day.  

CIOs, CMOs at least agree to disagree for now

The vast majority of CMOs and CIOs now recognize the need to have stronger relationships, but there still appears to be a ways to go toward forging such relationships at many organizations.