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Latest Headlines

SaaSGenius to offer Yelp-style reviews of enterprise software, but a good review may not be the only thing to consider

SaaSGenius is a site that is aiming to be a Yelp-style resource for enterprise SaaS. Users can search for software options and thumb through recommendations from third-party sources. These could be reviews, blog posts or guides about the product.

Spotlight: Comparably now allows folks to offer reviews for companies

What sets this service apart from others like it – for example, Glassdoor – is that you can filter the reviews based on elements like race, gender or years worked at a company.

Red Hat passes $2B mark for revenue, shares could be up 30% within the year, says Barrons

Open-source enterprise software provider Red Hat has made huge financial strides, ending its latest fiscal year with revenue topping $2 billion for the first time. Barrons' Jack Hough predicted on Saturday that the company's shares would grow by 30 percent within a year, moving from a recent $73 per share up to $95.

Spotlight: Cynthia Stoddard steps in as SVP and CIO at Adobe

Stoddard will be responsible for creating a "scalable technology and business infrastructure" which will support Adobe's cloud platform, the company said in a statement.

These are the most desired IoT skills

Upwork, a website that connects up freelance talent with employers, took a look at its database of Internet of Things job postings to understand how the demand has grown, and what skills are most desired right now.   

ARM acquires Apical for $350M, aims to boost connected devices

ARM announced Wednesday that it has acquired Apical, a U.K.-based imaging and embedded computer vision products firm, for US$350 million.

Spotlight: Issa and Lofgren work on bipartisan effort to change H-1B visa system

Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) are working on a bipartisan effort to change the H-1B visa system. They'd like the system to move away from a lottery and focus on using salary offers, Computerworld reported.

Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will give users ability to control timing of updates

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10, due out this summer, will allow users to stop Windows from going through updates at certain times through a new feature called Active Hours.

Microsoft is now allowing anyone to join the beta of its productivity product GigJam

The beta version of Microsoft's productivity service GigJam is now open to anyone. While you still have to go through a brief "application" type process, anyone can fill out a quick form to gain access.

Western Digital acquires SanDisk for $16B, now holds the key to solid state drives

Western Digital has completed the acquisition of flash memory maker SanDisk for around $16 billion after the deal cleared regulatory hurdles.