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Latest Headlines

Choosing IT investments that reward customers and drive profitability

According to data from the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research, most IT investments have little, and sometimes negative, impact on financial performance. Leading organizations are adopting a customer-first approach to prioritizing IT investments, which is in turn driving new profits and efficiencies.

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The top news stories for May 22, 2015.

Digital disruption threatens to change IT to its core

A great deal of lip service has been paid this year to digital transformation and its impact on the CIO, but no less critical is the topic of digital disruption, which requires that IT completely rethink the way it delivers service to the organization and its customers.

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The top news stories for May 20, 2015.

Need for innovation driving up IT spending, hiring

CIOs have been told that they need to help drive creativity and innovation within their department and the organization, and a new study confirms that the need for innovation is driving increased spending and hiring at many firms.

The chief IoT officer: Do you need one? Does anybody have one?

Organizations are embracing a growing number of interconnected devices and creating a monstrous amound of data in the process. Should they hire a chief IoT officer to manage it all? And if so, who should the new exec report to?

3 reasons why the Surface 3 is a better tablet than the iPad

Check out our three reasons why the Surface 3 may prove to be a better tablet than the iPad.

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The top news stories for May 8, 2015.

CompTIA announces New and Emerging Technologies Committee

CompTIA launched the New and Emerging Technologies Committee, led by Tom Woteki, PhD. The committee will focus on the impacts of social media, big data and analytics, cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things. 

Haven't embraced 'urgency' yet? Better do so, pronto!

As top gun in the IT department you set the pace for the rest of the staff. And according to a growing number of CIOs, that pace had better be "urgent."