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Latest Headlines

Tech giants aside, Silicon Valley ranks high for female execs, says new study

Google and Facebook are just two tech giants that have recently come under fire for the diversity practices, but a new study says Silicon Valley overall has a high percentage of female executives.

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The top news stories for Oct. 21, 2014.

Do you want fries with that iPhone?

Soon you you'll be able to buy McDonald's fries--and the rest of their food--with your Apple iPhone 6, 6 plus or Apple Watch, thanks to Apple Pay.

Apple, Facebook offer to freeze female workers' eggs--Workforce expert says, 'Good call'

In the wake of Apple and Facebook announcing that they are willing to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs, a prominent business professor comments that the move is creative and forward-thinking on the one hand, but rife with publicity risk on the other.

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The top news stories for Oct. 13, 2014.

Top traits of highly successful CIOs

What does it take to be a top-notch IT leader? According to a recent article at  CIO, it takes more than just being a strong leader or having top skills to be a great CIO. 

No, CEO Nadella, women's pay inequalities are not 'karma'

Yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set off a public firestorm when he made comments on womens' pay inequalities that many interpreted as sexist. As Wharton Business School professor and gender studies expert Marianna Fotaki writes here, there are many reasons for unequal pay in high tech and IT, none of which have anything to do with 'Karma'.

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The top news stories for Oct. 10, 2014.

Nation's state CIOs face greater project challenges, scrutiny

The nation's state CIOs find themselves more stretched and challenged than ever. Critical projects are growing larger and more complex, they face an increasingly complex supply chain for delivering services, along with data assets that are more unstructured and distributed more widely than ever.

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The top news stories for Oct. 9, 2014.