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Latest Headlines

Backblaze's open source storage server could help you build a server with 480TB of storage at only $0.05 per gigabyte

Backblaze has released Storage Pod 6.0, an open source unit that holds 60 off-the-shelf hard drives in a 4U chassis. The hardware lowers the cost of the data storage server to $0.038 per GB.

Dell could face 10% interest on junk bonds to fund EMC acquisition

Dell's acquisition of EMC is doing more than raising eyebrows these days, with many concerned about the amount of debt Dell will find itself in once the deal is done.

EMC reportedly looking to sell Documentum to aid in Dell deal

EMC Corp. is looking to sell Documentum, the company's content management system, in the run-up to being acquired by Dell, Bloomberg reported, based on information gathered from people knowledgeable of the matter. 

Gartner predicts drop in global IT spending in 2016

Global IT spending is projected to fall in 2016, according to a Gartner study. Two areas are the main culprits in this drop: devices and communications services.

Enterprises may be warming to Macs

The enterprise has long been a PC stronghold, but anecdotal evidence, as reported by CIO, suggests that Macs are seeing an uptick in adoption. 

Analyst: Insurers are missing a huge opportunity in the cyber insurance market

Despite a rise in interest from CIOs, IDC Financial Insights says many insurers are reluctant to enter the market – and they could be missing out on what the research firm says will be the biggest growth market for insurers.

Finally, someone to blame for the ransomware surge, just don't feed the hackers

The end of last year saw a significant uptick in incidents where system administrators were denied access to their technology until they paid hackers ransom.

Microsoft isn't betting on Bitcoin, others in e-commerce should take note

Microsoft no longer accepts Bitcoin in its Windows Store – reversing a decision the tech giant made less than a year and a half ago to honor the payment method through a third-party provider called Bitpay.

Microsoft's Redstone 2 update for Windows 10 reportedly delayed until spring 2017

Microsoft will reportedly delay its Redstone 2 update until Spring 2017 to better line it up with a set of new devices to launch around the same time, according to unnamed sources who spoke with ZDNet.

Raspberry Pi 3 releases with 10 times the performance over first model

The Raspberry Pi 3 is officially on sale for $35, the same price of the previous model. The micro device is a leading force in the Internet of Things. It's tiny, but still packs the processing power needed to execute complicated local processes.