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Latest Headlines

News Scan: IT salaries expect to see largest rise of all industries; Event looks at 'Killer apps in the Gigabit age'; More

The top news stories for Oct. 7, 2014.

2015 bodes well for IT budgets

IT investments have risen to the top of the priority list for many organizations, and a new study reveals that 80 percent are planning 2015 budgets to be equal to or greater than their 2014 allocations.

These items will top your IT shopping list in 2015

The final months of each year are always ripe with articles predicting what will be hot in the coming year. With that in mind, CIOs are being offered advice on the 10 key technology items they should budget for in 2015.

Trees rejoice! More companies are going 'less paper'

Environmentalists can celebrate the news that nearly 80 percent of organizations are now engaged in efforts to become 'less paper.'

California court rules that employers must reimburse all BYOD calls

In what could be a landmark case regarding the growing practice of Bring-Your-Own-Device, a California Court of Appeals has ruled that employees must be reimbursed by their employer for the use of any personal devices for work-related matters.

Architecture and cloud skills top IT employer 'most wanted' lists

Foote Partners recently released data on the most in-demand IT skills and certifications in the IT market. And not surprisingly, topping the list are architecture and cloud skills. 

Forrester cuts its IT spending forecast in half; 20% of computers could be malware breeding grounds; More

The top news stories for August 14, 2014.

Cloud wars, CIOs and dollar signs: What the Amazon quarterly report means for your cloud budget

The cloud wars are heating up, especially now that Amazon has lost some of its market hold to competitors Microsoft, Google and a host of startup companies.

CIOs casting their own 'Shadow IT'

CIOs are usually warned about the risks associated with so-called 'Shadow IT,' but now comes word from Gartner that CIOs may be directly responsible for casting some of that shadow.

News Scan: VC investments at 14-year high thanks to tech; The 9-5 life isn't for Millennials; More

The top news stories for July 23, 2014.