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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

News Scan: Data center investments show no sign of slowing; CIOs plan significant boost in overall IT spending; More.

The top news stories for June 26, 2015.

Using the 'platform' approach to organizational transformation

Organizations need all the competitive advantages they can find today, and one important opportunity is to turn traditional technology and business models into "platforms" of innovation.

News Scan: HP earnings report shows slipping revenues, profits; More technologies competing for IT budgets; More

The top news stories for May 22, 2015.

Here are the latest rumors about Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Apple iPad Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and a new larger iPad "Pro" are reportedly coming soon. Here is what we are hearing about them.

SMBs benefitting from lower costs, higher returns of tech investments

This is officially National Small Business Week, and the prefect time to reexamine the evolving relationship between technology and SMBs.

IT management 101: GE Capital CIO on making managers into leaders

GE Capital has a wide array of recruitment programs to attract IT talent in school, right out of school and those who are already knee-deep careers. But the company also spends a good deal of time and money focusing on promotion and retention of existing talent.

Special Report: Inside the controversial H-1B visa program

In this four part series, FierceCIO takes a look at the continual controversy surrounding the H-1B foreign worker program, including who gets the visas, who hires the workers, and what the impacts are on the technology workforce in the U.S.

Here's how Adidas caught a $200k employee theft while testing a new data mining program

With a worldwide operation, complicated supply chains and retail outfits on top of manufacturing responsibilities, getting product to the buyer is not as easy as Adidas makes it seem. But using a data mining and loss prevention program powered by Oracle MICROS XBRi, the company has harnessed its point-of-sale data to cut down on preventable losses and build a leaner business.

Oracle's Hurd describes dire consequences of failing to spend on IT

With rapid technological change across industries and in consumer segments, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said that companies will have to invest more in IT and pay attention to the millenial generation in order to thrive. 

Digital currency: the next hot job opportunity for tech pros

With any burgeoning industry segment comes jobs, and that's true for the world of digital currency. The sector is booming. Check out the three stories in our series to find out what kind of background makes the best digital currency professional, what kinds of businesses are hiring and what kind of demand there is for digital currency pros.