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Latest Headlines

Oracle's Hurd describes dire consequences of failing to spend on IT

With rapid technological change across industries and in consumer segments, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said that companies will have to invest more in IT and pay attention to the millenial generation in order to thrive. 

Digital currency: the next hot job opportunity for tech pros

With any burgeoning industry segment comes jobs, and that's true for the world of digital currency. The sector is booming. Check out the three stories in our series to find out what kind of background makes the best digital currency professional, what kinds of businesses are hiring and what kind of demand there is for digital currency pros.

Survey shows solid-state disks have high failure rate

A significant proportion of respondents to a survey suffered a malfunction with their solid-state drives (SSDs), says Knoll Ontrack.

Battle brewing on H-1B reform?; Net neutrality vote could be tied up for years in court; More

The top news stories for Feb. 26, 2015.

Aging hardware, software concerns stymie cash-strapped IT

This year will be another of doing more with less for a majority of IT professionals, as most expect their budgets to remain flat, but spending needs to rise. Two areas that will particularly hurt the budget are aging hardware and end-of-life software realities, a new study reveals.

IT's big budget news: Security to absorb most increases

If you're like many CIOs, you can probably look forward to a budget increase this year. But those extra dollars won't be buying most of you more workers. Instead, they will go toward IT security products and services.

News Scan: Dell, Yahoo announce new IT exec hires; Keep an eye on these Infosec trends next year; More

Top news for December 12, 2014.

FierceCIO's 2014 Fierce15: Digital Transformation

While a majority of organizations have yet to or are just now tackling digital transformation, there are already important success stories to learn from.  FierceCIO  has highlighted some of these efforts with our 2014 Fierce15 winners.

IoT still young, but business impact, standards starting to be revealed

FierceCIO  spoke to CompTIA technology research analyst Seth Robinson about what the industry thinks about the Internet of Things, and where it thinks the trend is going.

IT budgets are up, down, up again for 2015; Mobile commerce rates exploding, says new study; More.

The top news stories for Dec. 2, 2014.