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Latest Headlines

Microsoft buys DNA for data storage that could last up to 2,000 years

Microsoft has agreed to purchase ten million long oligonucleotides – for those of you running to Google, it's a type of laboratory-grade DNA – from Twist Bioscience. Microsoft plans to use the synthetic DNA to encode digital data.

Apttus adds AI capability, partners with Microsoft

The customer relationship management vendor marketplace just got a little more interesting. On Monday, quote-to-cash software company Apttus announced that it had released a machine learning offering, which would now be available to Microsoft customers.

AI engine 30 years in the making could take its talents to healthcare, financial services

An artificial intelligence engine, known as Cyc, which has been in development for three decades could soon be coming to a mission-critical business application near you, reported the MIT Technology Review.

Google Analytics 360 Suite boasts 4 new offerings, updates to existing platforms

According to a Google Analytics Blog post, the new solution offers a view of the complete customer journey, useful insights as opposed to more and more data, the ability to share information within the organization and all with the end goal of engaging the right audience in the right way.

Microsoft releases Dynamics AX as cloud service

Microsoft announced today that its cloud-based ERP software Microsoft Dynamics AX is now available for companies across the globe.

How ChatOps is going mainstream

ChatOps is the term given to the integration of chat services with other Web applications. The goal of ChatOps capabilities is to allow users to access the information they need directly from the program in which they spend their time.

New AI tool from HR startup Glint alerts employers to waning worker engagement

Glint, a Silicon Valley startup that develops employee engagement software, announced its latest offering Tuesday: AI-for-HR, a proprietary machine learning technology that helps organizations detect on-the-job apathy among workers.

IBM boosts Watson once again with plan to acquire Truven

IBM Watson Health announced plans to acquire Truven Health Analytics. This is one more step in what has become a Watson acquisition journey, showing just how dedicated IBM is to its machine learning arm.

Spotlight: Gartner predicts algorithms will further take place of 'gut feel' decision making

Gartner predicts that as the Internet continues to tear down the physical hurdles to doing business, large enterprises will start to rely more on advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms over "gut feel."

Gartner: Most enterprises will have chief data officers, but the path won't be easy

With the huge influx of data hitting large enterprises, someone is needed at a top level to make sense of it all. With that trend in mind, Gartner predicts that by 2019, 90 percent of major organizations will have a chief data officer.