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Latest Headlines

Apache Incubator accepts IBM's SystemML for open source development

IBM announced Tuesday that SystemML, a machine learning tool the company created, has been accepted into the Apache Incubator to further develop the tech for open-source uses.

Microsoft releases machine learning toolkit DMTK to open source

Possibly feeling pressure from Google's similar move earlier this week, Microsoft announced on Thursday on its Microsoft Research blog that it open-sourced its own set of machine learning tools for wide use by developers.

Spotlight: Later early adopters put Windows 10 over 11% usage share

The second wave of users transitioning to Windows 10 has pushed the new operating system's usage market share to 11 percent.

Microsoft will reportedly push mobile Outlook features to desktop client

Some features from the recently redesigned Outlook mobile app will soon make their way to Microsoft's desktop client, according to a report from Business Insider.

IBM plans to use Weather Co. platform to collect data from cars, medical and other devices

Watson is hungry for data, and IBM just ordered up a king-sized portion for the artificially intelligent system. Big Blue today announced plans to acquire the Weather Company's B2B, mobile and cloud-based web properties, with the acquired company's data processing platform as the main course.

Machine learning key to 'rethinking everything' at Google, says CEO Pichai

Google's new CEO Sundar Pichai called the company's efforts in machine learning a "priority" during Alphabet's financial call Thursday.

Spotlight: Microsoft pushes custom visuals to Power BI

Following a private beta of the feature last month, Microsoft has today pushed a function to let all Power BI users access custom visuals for data.

IBM adds features, including secure connection, to Watson Analytics

IBM is adding some new features, including a secure connection, to its Watson Analytics service and offering details about the interesting ways that some businesses use the service.

Microsoft opens up Financial Services Compliance Program to all, even non-finance businesses

Microsoft made its Financial Services Compliance Program available Tuesday to any organization that needs better insights into cloud applications due to regulatory oversight.

AWS dives into business intelligence with Amazon QuickSight

Amazon is touting its cloud-based QuickSight tool as an easy-to-use business intelligence service that costs just one-tenth that of traditional BI solutions.