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Latest Headlines

Chrome ditches 30-year-old tech for sharper text on Windows

Google Chrome team finally gets LCD-friendly DirectWrite API working for sharper font rendering.

News Scan: Two-thirds of business documents expose hidden data; Is work email consuming your personal time?; more.

The top news stories for July 17, 2014.

Culture, collaboration and confidence key to big data success

The greatest advanced analytics success stories this year have been among organizations that focus on culture, collaboration and confidence, not the technology alone.

Big data: too big for its own good, say data scientists

Data scientists say they are drowning in data--but the biggest problem isn't the volume of it, it is the variety of that data that makes life so challenging.  

Examining business cases for Hadoop

Industries across the board have embraced Apache Hadoop as a dependable solution for big data analytics. In the second part of her series on big data, Michele Nemschoff takes a look at six case study examples.

News Scan: Customers curious but not enamored with 3D printing; Mobile games market to reach over $28B; more

The top news stories for June 18, 2014.

6 steps for creating a data-driven culture

Data-driven business cultures are becoming a new trend, and rightfully so, writes Michele Nemschoff. She offers advice on how you can supercharge your business decisions by integrating data into the daily operations of your entire company.

6 tips for reducing downtime occurrence, impact

Recent reports have highlighted the growing cost of disaster recovery to organizations, especially in terms of lost credibility with customers. But effective disaster recovery plans are not limited to IT. Here are tips for getting all senior management involved.

FTC warns Congress about big data privacy concerns

Consumers need more control over the data that is collected about them, and data brokers should be required to be more transparent about how such data is used, according to a new FTC report to Congress.

Consumers on the Internet of Things: Not so fast!

The general public apparently doesn't have the same love affair with IoT that many in the industy do. In fact, new research shows that consumer privacy concerns may be the greatest hindrance to IoT development.