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Latest Headlines

Oh, the places IoT will go... or will it?

While Google tries to soften the blow around news that it plans to stop selling Google Glass, experts who spoke during yesterday's Women in Technology "WIT Connect" panel in McLean, Virginia, highlighted ways that issues like privacy and security are impacting the growth of new devices like Glass. 

2015 CES takeaways for the CIO

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is underway right now in Las Vegas. And while the emphasis is on consumers at this January tech show, which finishes up tomorrow, it's also important to take note of some of the tech announcements that may soon trickle over into the enterprise.

These simple security threats may be lurking in your office right now

When one thinks of enterprise security threats, terms like hackers, malware and large-scale data breaches all come to mind. But other, less obvious threats could be lurking in your organization too, writes Larry Ponemon in a recent post.

New studies confirm challenges, waste in the data center

Two new studies present bad news on the data center front, as one finds IT efficiency lacking for many organizations, while the other says enterprises waste more than $2 million each year on data availability failures.

Data analytics done right

The goal with data should not be to gather a ton of it, but to know how to make better business decisions from the data you have, writes Suketu Gandhi. He discusses how insights from data can truly transform the business.

Big data investments could double among the Fortune 1000

Big data analysis has become firmly entrenched in a majority of Fortune 1000 organizations, and investments in data analytics are expected to double over the next three years, a new study reveals.

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