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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Preserving the R&D Tax Credit; NASA makes 1,000 free apps available; more

The top news stories for April 15, 2014.

News Scan: Data analytics: Who needs IT?; Out with BYOD and in with COPE; more

The top news stories for March 31, 2014.

News Scan: Pirated software malware threats; Virtual machine backup woes; more

The top news stories for March 25, 2014.

Billionaire IDG founder Pat McGovern dies; GSA creates new 'digital incubator'; more

The top news stories for March 21, 2014.

IT and marketing: The Fierce FAQ

Here are critical questions about marketing and IT, with answers drawn from recent  Fierce  coverage. This FAQ will help CIOs and IT pros focus on delivering what their marketing colleagues really need.

Companies are drowning in apps, Capgemini study finds

One of the greatest obstacles to companies making critical digital transformation efforts is the sheer number of apps they are now hosting, according to a new report from Capgemini.

Majority of marketing industry's big data bucks not going to hiring

Big data will see more investment in the coming year in the marketing space, according to a new report. But a majority of that money will be going to big data technology, and not to big data hiring, as many IT pros would like.

News Scan: CIOs bemoan resource woes; Nearly all apps have vulnerabilities; more

The top news stories for Feb. 27, 2014.

Bracing for change: Unexpected events require flexibility for scaling down

Enterprise data can grow faster than expected or an entire division could shut down overnight, requiring the enterprise to scale down. There are steps an enterprise can make to ensure that its cloud big data vendor is ready to handle shifts in scale. Part five our FCIO special report, Scaling up for Big Data.

Contractual matters for cloud-based analytics

Enterprises should consider a number of factors if selecting a cloud partner to scale big data, including addressing backup and offsite storage options. Service-level agreements and all other forms of contract need to incorporate these considerations. Part four in our FCIO special report, Scaling Up for Big Data