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Latest Headlines

AWS dives into business intelligence with Amazon QuickSight

Amazon is touting its cloud-based QuickSight tool as an easy-to-use business intelligence service that costs just one-tenth that of traditional BI solutions. 

Amelia has great memory, can take a hint and is one of the most human-looking AIs around

IPsoft announced Wednesday version 2.0 of its artificial intelligence platform, Amelia. Enhanced memory, contextual comprehension, emotional responsiveness and a physical makeover makes this version of the AI the most human version yet, IPsoft said.

Look out for ethics violations in big data analytics, Gartner warns

Big data projects can lead to big upsides for businesses that employ them, but they also come with risks. For instance, Gartner today said it expects that by 2018, half of business ethics violations will happen because of improper use of big data analytics.

Microsoft adds Likes and @Mentions to Outlook to keep it relevant

Microsoft has added new features for its email client Outlook that brings it closer in-line to social websites and collaborative enterprise environments.

US defends Safe Harbor data-sharing agreement with the EU

Responding to an opinion issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union last week, the U.S. Mission to the European Union said that "the United States does not and has not engaged in indiscriminate surveillance of anyone, including ordinary European citizens."

Microsoft continues Dynamics CRM buying spree, with Adxstudio

Microsoft today announced that it has agreed to acquire "key product and technology assets of Adxstudio," Bob Stutz, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM wrote in a blog post.

IBM teaches Watson how to see and hear, opens APIs for businesses to use 'cognitive computing'

IBM today announced enhanced capabilities for its Watson Platform, including a feature that allows developers to glean insight from photos on social networks.

Nadella offers a glimpse at how data helps drive Microsoft's decisions

From the stage of Salesforce's annual conference, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella revealed ways that his company uses data to drive business decisions.

SalesforceIQ builds on RelateIQ to offer customer insights to sales reps

Salesforce is offering a new tool called SalesforceIQ which recommends actions based on the "relationship intelligence" data it collects.

Intuit's Workforce helps companies manage in a freelance economy

Intuit today announced the release of a product targeted at startups who make use of what's known as the on-demand workforce.