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Latest Headlines

Help wanted: A CIO for Facebook

Timothy Campos, the CIO of Facebook, announced via a Facebook post that he has decided to leave the company at the "end of this year," and Facebook has finally put up the job listing to replace him. 

Spotlight: GitHub releases first ever diversity and inclusion report

GitHub is 64 percent male worldwide and 64 percent white in the U.S.

Massachusetts has strong tech sector, but few women in it

The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council recently released findings [.pdf] on the state's tech sector and women's role in it. Unfortunately, the numbers tell a disappointing story when it comes to women in the sector. Women don't make as much as men do, and worse, aren't getting their share of the jobs.

Spotlight: Comparably now allows folks to offer reviews for companies

What sets this service apart from others like it – for example, Glassdoor – is that you can filter the reviews based on elements like race, gender or years worked at a company.

Hackajob lets employers test job applicants' technical competence before they are hired

Hackajob is a job-hunting site where potential employers pose job-specific challenges to job seekers. Those job seekers then set out to complete those challenges and, essentially, prove themselves.

Spotlight: Cynthia Stoddard steps in as SVP and CIO at Adobe

Stoddard will be responsible for creating a "scalable technology and business infrastructure" which will support Adobe's cloud platform, the company said in a statement.

These are the most desired IoT skills

Upwork, a website that connects up freelance talent with employers, took a look at its database of Internet of Things job postings to understand how the demand has grown, and what skills are most desired right now.   

Spotlight: Issa and Lofgren work on bipartisan effort to change H-1B visa system

Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) are working on a bipartisan effort to change the H-1B visa system. They'd like the system to move away from a lottery and focus on using salary offers, Computerworld reported.

Tech spending growth expected to slow in 2016, Forrester reports

U.S. technology spending growth is expected to slow in 2016 thanks to cloud services taking over and leaving traditional tech spending in the dust without driving overall growth, a Forrester report noted. Political and economic worries are slowing things down as well, the Wall Street Journal said.

Encouraging women in tech should start early and last a long time

Many are trying to find out why women aren't as well represented in tech. Some assume it's lack of interest, others assume a lack of encouragement. Whatever the reasons may be, Swati Mylavarapu has an idea of what can be done to fix the problem, and it starts long before women are even considering careers.