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Latest Headlines

If Google asks if you're up for a challenge, don't be skeptical – You're just being recruited

Google appears to be using a novel technique to find talented engineers, according to a tale told by a recent hire. 

Still waiting for a real response from Amazon

It's been a week and a half since the damning New York Times article came out about the corporate culture at Amazon and horror stories continue to come out of the woodwork. Today's comes from a high-level editor who said she was treated terribly after taking health leave – to have a baby and then fight cancer. Her story seems to back up allegations in the New York Times story that Amazon workers sometimes get "edged out" after fighting illnesses or personal crises.

Apple's mid-year diversity report meets with criticism

Apple became the latest tech company to release a mid-year diversity report, boasting about progress in hiring a more diverse workforce. It just barely moved the needle, though, compared to last year. 

Lenovo cuts 3,200 jobs in the face of PC, mobile challenges

Facing a profit decline of 51 percent year-over-year, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuangqing said he plans to cut 3,200 jobs across his company, according to an email sent to employees. That would make up 10 percent of Lenovo's non-manufacturing workforce and more than 5 percent of its total 60,000 employees worldwide.

SuccessFactors hopes to drive more automation by better linking modules

SuccessFactors is linking together several of its products in a way that it says may help users predict future transactions and improve the self service HR experience for employees. It made the announcement during its SucccessConnect conference in Las Vegas.

Report shows just how much Indians dominate field of H-1B computer experts

In an investigation into the H-1B visa program, Computerworld found that almost 86 percent of H-1B visas issued for people working in computer occupations are from India.

To incent employees to refer minority candidates, Intel dangles dollars

Intel is using a tried and true incentive in hopes of boosting the number of women, minorities and veterans on its payroll: money. The company is giving $4,000 to employees who recommend candidates who will improve diversity in its ranks, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

News Scan: HubSpot loses 2 execs; Salesforce makes the most, best investments; More

The top news stories for July 31, 2015.

Stalled at hiring women in tech, Pinterest rolls out some new tactics

Boosting the number of women in tech at Pinterest has stalled and so to spur improvements, the company is revealing its hiring goals and implementing some new hiring tactics.

Java developers better at finding and fixing problems, study reveals

A news study finds that Java developers are doing a good job at diagnosing, fixing and testing performance issues.