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Latest Headlines

IT pros and CIOs: Pay raise, what pay raise!?

If a pay raise is the best indicator of a job well done, IT professionals and managers must have a lot of making up to do, according to new IT hiring and compensation research.

Barely out of the gate, new Yahoo CIO unveils infrastructure changes

Yahoo recently appointed Mike Kail, who formerly worked at Netflix, as its new CIO and senior vice president of infrastructure.

Tech CEOs predict strong profits, hiring through 2017

The nation's technology firms expect tech growth to continue unabated for the next three years, with peak profits predicted for 2017 and strong hiring into 2017.

5 lessons for managing and recruiting in the new federal IT landscape

The federal IT space and the private IT space are different in many ways; think budgets, hiring processes, leadership chains, regulations and much more. But while the two are very different, they both share a common theme--change.

IT association vows to make diversity hiring top priority

In the wake of several embarassing diversity reports from leading tech firms, the ITIC has vowed to make diversity hiring a top priority for the IT industry.

Architecture and cloud skills top IT employer 'most wanted' lists

Foote Partners recently released data on the most in-demand IT skills and certifications in the IT market. And not surprisingly, topping the list are architecture and cloud skills. 

More tech giants reveal female IT hiring shortfalls

This summer has seen a number of top technology firms disclose their diversity in hiring numbers, and with regard to women in IT, the news hasn't been encouraging.

On vacation and banned from email; Millenials are changing IT's DNA; More

The top news stories for August 15, 2014.

Cisco cutting 6,000 jobs; industry total now at 'great recession' level

Cisco announced yesterday it is cutting 6,000 jobs over the next 12 months. The news comes in the wake of a series of major tech industry layoffs, with job cuts now rivaling the numbers at the beginning of the recession of 2009.

3 key steps for better managing your IT contractors

There are numerous ways that CIOs can cut down on the time it takes to manage IT contractors, but there are a couple of areas that CIOs first need to fix, writes Peter Cannone.