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Latest Headlines

How the NFL and the Rooney Rule are helping change Slack

Slack today announced in a diversity report its introduction of the Rooney Rule for senior-level leadership roles to help increase the number of underrepresented minorities in those positions.

Promising Connectifier acquisition not enough to save LinkedIn stock from massive plunge

LinkedIn disclosed in an earnings statement Thursday that it has acquired recruiting software startup Connectifier.  

3 things Intel is doing differently when reporting on diversity

While the report is extensive and touches on a slew of facts and figures about Intel's diversity, it's the emphasis on diverse hiring tactics, gender pay parity and an aim to end online harassment that seem to set Intel apart.

Spotlight: Indian H-1B firms among donors for proposed US tech education program

President Obama's proposed $4 billion initiative to better teach U.S. children about computer science has two backers that some critics think have undermined U.S. tech jobs: Indian offshore IT firms Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys.

Spotlight: Workplace training startup Grovo nets $40M in new funding

Grovo, which brings its technology into enterprises and organizations for employee training for new technology and services, has just netted $40M in Series C Funding.

If tech employee retention is your goal, competitive compensation is your solution

Dice today released its Tech Salary Survey which took a look at salary, raise and bonus trends in the tech industry for 2015. It seems money is the name of the game when it comes to retaining employees and when it comes to employees choosing to leave. 

IT jobs report for December is pretty dismal

December was a bad month for job hunters in IT but the picture should get rosier this month, according to analysts at Foote Partners. founding team reacquires the compensation company from IBM

IBM has sold along with similarly focused compensation products back to the company's founding team for an undisclosed amount. The new leadership group will look to utilize's bevy of employment data to continue to offer and build new cloud-based remuneration analytics tools for the enterprise.

IBM workers union indefinitely suspends organizing campaign

Communications Workers of America Local 1701, a union dedicated to IBM employees, said in a statement that it will officially suspend its organizing campaign.

Is Company Town 2.0 the next trend for big tech companies hiring Millennials?

Oracle recently announced its plans to build a new complex in Austin, Texas, to bolster its expanding cloud business, though the idea has a twist: adjacent corporate living.