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Latest Headlines

Expect to pay solid, but realistic, IT salaries heading into 2015

There has been some disagreement in recent salary surveys on what the year ahead holds on the salary front. FierceCIO spoke with Jack Cullen, president of the IT staffing firm Modic, about its recent 2015 Salary Guide and what IT managers should expect.

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The top IT news stories for Oct. 20, 2014.

New Dice study reveals where IT pros most want to work

California has emerged as the place IT workers would most like to live and work, according to a new study by staffing web site Dice, which looked at which markets draw the most out-of-state applicants.

Oracle the latest tech firm hit with wage-theft suit

The Silicon Valley wage suit picture got further complicated this week, with word that a former employee of Oracle has sued the company for allegedly conspiring with Google to prevent the hiring of certain IT professionals from each other.

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The top news stories for Oct. 16, 2014.

Apple, Facebook offer to freeze female workers' eggs--Workforce expert says, 'Good call'

In the wake of Apple and Facebook announcing that they are willing to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs, a prominent business professor comments that the move is creative and forward-thinking on the one hand, but rife with publicity risk on the other.

Tech sector hiring at half the rate of the overall workforce

The U.S. technology industry hired approximately 119,000 new workers in the first half of 2014, bringing the total number of workers in the industry to 6.3 million, but the rate of hiring was only half that of the overall workforce, a new study reveals.

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The top news stories for Oct. 14, 2014.

No, CEO Nadella, women's pay inequalities are not 'karma'

Yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set off a public firestorm when he made comments on womens' pay inequalities that many interpreted as sexist. As Wharton Business School professor and gender studies expert Marianna Fotaki writes here, there are many reasons for unequal pay in high tech and IT, none of which have anything to do with 'Karma'.

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The top news stories for Oct. 10, 2014.