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Latest Headlines

News Scan: HP earnings report shows slipping revenues, profits; More technologies competing for IT budgets; More

The top news stories for May 22, 2015.

Top security pros seeing six-figure salaries on average

A new report from Dice reveals that top IT security pros with the right skills and certifications are getting filthy rich on the job.

News Scan: IT and business coming closer together, or are they?; Philadelphia boasts most gender-diverse IT workforce; More

The top news stories for May 20, 2015.

Big Apple muscles in as hottest IT job market

Move over Silicon Valley. The new top market for IT pros is the Big Apple.

5 skills employers want to see when hiring software developers

Hiring trends are always in flux, but here are five of the most in-demand skill sets in software development that IT employers are looking for in potential employees.

New study says H-1B program undercuts U.S. tech jobs

Disagreement over the merits of the H-1B program never eases, and a new report will guarantee add fuel to the very fiery debate.

Social media profile impressions worry many workers

A new study finds that many workers are very concerned about the impressions they create with online profiles and postings, even if social media practices sometimes seem obviously risky.

Victories adding up toward the Year of the IT Woman

Coming into 2015, FierceCIO took a stand hoping that the New Year would be the Year of the IT Woman. There is still much to be done to make that dream a reality, but there have been several positive signs in recent weeks.

News Scan: FCC denies requests to delay net neutrality; mobile advertising market to hit $105 billion; More.

The top news stories for May 11, 2015.

Business skills trump tech skills for key IT project roles

When CIO Michael Moore set out to tackle a major ERP rollout at Virtual Instruments, he quickly needed two key hires that could manage the process, the vendors and the business users. Both were selected for their business prowess first, and technology backgrounds second.