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Latest Headlines

IT managers earning handsome salaries: in the right markets, and if they're male

CIOs, CTOs and CSOs face unprecedented pressures and scrutiny on the job, but at least 2014 salary rates are helping to lessen the pain. That is, if you live in the right market, and if you're male.

System administrators: We're worth $673,719!

Need a new system administrator? Be prepared to pony up $673,719 a year in salary alone. At least that is the message of SysAdmins themselves, who were recently asked by IT software firm Solar Winds to put a price tag on the various 'extra' duties they perform on the job.   

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The top news stories for July 22, 2014.

Growing IT layoffs add to recruiter feeding frenzy

As the industry scrambles to figure out what the massive-scale Microsoft layoffs will mean for the tech giant, the immediate concensus is that it's now 'open season' for IT recruiters.

Tech is robbing our personal time, new campaign says 'take it back'

A new study finds that the vast majority of all Americans are putting in way more than the traditional 40-hour work week, and it places the lion's share of the the blame on technology. In response, the study sponsor is encouraging employees to #TakeBack60 of their lost minutes each day.

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The top news stories for July 18, 2014.

Microsoft cutting 18,000 jobs, or 14% of workforce

Two weeks ago Microsoft employees were told to get ready for dramatic cultural changes at the company, and today comes word that up to 18,000 of current staff won't be a part of those changes.

IT compensation flat-lining, says new salary survey

IT compensation will, for the most part, remain flat for the next six months, and the three month moving average for IT job market growth continues to trend down, a new salary survey reveals.

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The top news stories for July 16, 2014.

Hiring managers warned: 'Pay up!' for IT contractors

A growing number of IT managers are turning to IT contractors to staff critical projects, and the prevailing word now is that you should expect to pay a lot more for them.