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Latest Headlines

OpenStack certification exam now available through the training marketplace

OpenStack has released a certification exam for OpenStack administrators. If you're looking to advance your career, certifications like this are helpful to aid in proving skills and setting your resumé apart. 

Google aims to keep startups close to home with new startup incubator, dubbed Area 120

Google is creating a startup incubator in an effort to keep employees from quitting to start their own companies, sources told The Information.  

Spotlight: Site that aims to help folks launch tech careers raises $5M in Series A

The company offers online courses in technology with the aim of helping folks build a tech career.

The robot in the office: Friend or foe?

In an interview with Computerworld Thursday, Tom Davenport, co-author of the forthcoming book Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines, made the case for seeing artificial intelligence and robotics not as a threat in the workplace but as an advantage. In short, Davenport said, these technologies will help us do our jobs better.

IT salaries aren't keeping up with job demands, but IT pros feel the financial future is bright

While IT salaries are rising, many IT pros don't feel that rise is rapid enough to keep up with job demands. Still, pay is rising, and the IT career outlook is overall rosy, according to a recent survey.

Microsoft aims to help IT pros get started in cloud, build a career around cloud skills

Microsoft has released two programs aimed at helping IT professionals struggling with the rush to cloud computing: How to get started with cloud and how to advance a career using cloud.

Studies: Young women in tech starting to see the playing field level

Gender parity has become a year-round conversation in the tech sector. Thursday CNET reported on two studies showing that the station of young women in technology is slowly but surely improving.

Facebook, Microsoft say they pay women as much as men

In honor of Equal Pay Day, which falls on April 12, the two tech giants each released statements saying that they pay their female and male employees equally.

Study: Closing the gender gap could pump $25B into Silicon Valley

By closing the gender gap, Silicon Valley could gain a 9 percent increase in gross domestic product by 2025, according to a new McKinsey report. That amounts to $25 billion in revenue.

Tech industry jobs top the charts in the freelance economy

Tech jobs are taking over the freelance economy, a change that is redefining traditional freelance work. Where many folks think of writers or designers when it comes to freelance, it's the techies that are taking freelance by storm.