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Latest Headlines

Colleges get mixed grades on teaching digital workforce skills

Many employers in this country want college grads to have better digital and technical skills, and one in four employers say recent graduates are unprepared for even entry-level jobs.

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Revisiting the virtues of virtualization

By all accounts, destop virtualization is a very good thing for your employees, enabling them to access the information they need and to work from any device, anytime, anywhere, write Carl Hugener and Michael Farley.

Recent hiring studies offer conflicting messages

One of the latest studies from TechServe Alliance looks at IT hiring at the mid-way point in 2014, and word is that the second half of the year will be a positive one on the hiring front.

CMO and CIO courtships could produce tech workers with DNA of both

CIOs and CMOs have turned up the heat on their courtship, and the result could be the demand for a new breed of technology worker that has the DNA of both.

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IT managers earning handsome salaries: in the right markets, and if they're male

CIOs, CTOs and CSOs face unprecedented pressures and scrutiny on the job, but at least 2014 salary rates are helping to lessen the pain. That is, if you live in the right market, and if you're male.

System administrators: We're worth $673,719!

Need a new system administrator? Be prepared to pony up $673,719 a year in salary alone. At least that is the message of SysAdmins themselves, who were recently asked by IT software firm Solar Winds to put a price tag on the various 'extra' duties they perform on the job.