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Latest Headlines

A closer look at Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V

Virtual machine technology continues to improve and evolve to meet the needs of businesses. Even if you are not looking into deploying Hyper-V in your enterprise, the substantial improvements incorporated into Hyper-V 3.0 put the pressure on competing offerings--and help bring prices down.

Spotlight: HyperDrive iUSBportCAMERA

The HyperDrive iUSBportCAMERA is specially designed to offer remote control and viewing to top DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon. 

2 CIOs on the false flexibility of the cloud

It is clear that while cloud definitely has its benefits, both self-interest and the breakneck pace of development on that front are likely to result in the development APIs and proprietary features that are likely to lock in users.

Japanese student releases free VPN service to circumvent firewalls

In order to help Internet users circumvent government firewalls and restriction of Internet usage, PhD student Daiyuu Nobori created VPN Gate, a free virtual private network service designed to be easy to use.

HP to release new blade server

Hewlett-Packard has announced plans to release a new blade server that will offer four times the virtual desktops compared to the company's earlier offerings.

Fujitsu unveils new data transfer protocol

Fujitsu says it has developed a new data transfer protocol that is 30 times faster than the commonly used TCP protocol. The proprietary protocol is based on UDP, but adds the ability to distinguish between packets that are dropped or simply haven't arrived at the destination. Integrated control technology also measures UDP transmissions in real time to ensure that they don't overwhelm standard TCP data packets.

Gigabit Wi-Fi almost ready for prime time

Despite earlier reports that pegged the arrival of gigabit Wi-Fi technology to mid-2012, gigabit wireless transfers appear to finally be ready for prime time if one considers the range of products being demonstrated at CES 2013, which concluded last week.

NEC begins selling server with built-in batteries

NEC has taken the wraps off a new rack-mounted server that comes with its own internal batteries for backup power in the event of a power outage.

Amazon introduces new 'Data Pipeline' tool

Amazon last week launched Data Pipeline, a tool designed to help users integrate data from disparate sources.

Amazon launches cloud data warehouse with Redshift

Amazon on Wednesday launched a cloud-based data warehousing service called Redshift. By circumventing the traditional software and hardware stack offered by enterprise storage vendors, Amazon says the service will substantially reduce the cost of deploying data warehouses.