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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Premium CalypsoCase Cabrio offers beauty, protection for iPhone

The CalypsoCase Cabrio for the iPhone 5 and 5S is a premium leather case made of a rigid metal shell to protect your Apple smartphone.

Spotlight: Stream movies to your tablet with Seagate Wireless Plus

The Seagate Wireless Plus is a portable hard disk drive equipped with a fast USB 3.0 interface, as well as integrated Wi-Fi support.

ARM casts spotlight on energy-sipping processors that are 'invisible'

At the annual Computex exhibition held in Taiwan this week, chip maker ARM cast the spotlight on a class of tiny processors that can be used to power wearable devices.

Spotlight: Griffin Wired Keyboard works with iOS devices

The Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS Devices is a keyboard ideally suited for high-security installations, or when the use of wireless is not practical or allowed.

ARM calls out Intel's 'binary translation' feature as slow

Intel's "binary translation" feature which converts native ARM code into native Intel x86 code doesn't work as well as it's touted, according to ARM senior technical marketing engineer Rod Watt.

Engineer builds working phone using Raspberry Pi

A Linux engineer has succeeded in putting together a working phone using the Raspberry Pi. Called the "Piphone", it is made entirely from off the shelf components with no need for soldering--though it does use a couple of cable ties.

Spotlight: Moshi IonBank 5K mobile charger

The Moshi IonBank 5K is a handy mobile charger that packs 5,000mAh of juice to recharge a smartphone or tablet. 

Slimmer iPad tablet could be on the way

Expect a slimmer iPad tablet to come soon, according to leaks published by a Dutch-language website. The information was leaked from China, and presumably from a component supplier, says  The Register.

Spotlight: Jawbone Era

The new Jawbone Era comes with a minimalist and lightweight design that is 42 percent smaller than the old Era, in part made possible by its micro-electro-mechanical systems that also offers better performance despite its smaller size. 

Spotlight: Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker

The Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker is a highly portable speaker that you can slip into most pockets.