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Latest Headlines

Slimmer iPad tablet could be on the way

Expect a slimmer iPad tablet to come soon, according to leaks published by a Dutch-language website. The information was leaked from China, and presumably from a component supplier, says  The Register.

Spotlight: Jawbone Era

The new Jawbone Era comes with a minimalist and lightweight design that is 42 percent smaller than the old Era, in part made possible by its micro-electro-mechanical systems that also offers better performance despite its smaller size. 

Spotlight: Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker

The Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker is a highly portable speaker that you can slip into most pockets.

New reversible USB connector could arrive by end-2014

Forever fumbling with your USB cables and plugging them the wrong way up? Help is at hand with the next-generation USB Type-C cable, which is a new USB cable that comes with a reversible design.

Spotlight: ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD Glass blends quality with protection

The  ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Glass  is a screen protector made of tempered glass for screen protection with uncompromising quality. An oil-resistant coating helps repel natural finger and face oils on the top layer, while sensitivity is maintained due to its 0.4mm thickness.

Spotlight: Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is a nifty adapter that makes it a snap to wirelessly stream music from a smartphone or tablet to speakers.

IDC revises 2014 global PC shipments to show even deeper declines

Regardless of the slump in PC shipments, 300 million new computers each year is still a huge number. For enterprises, the figures are probably not as important as ensuring that its wireless infrastructure is up to scratch to accommodate the huge influx of BYOD devices that are currently displacing PC shipments.

Apple issues fix for critical SSL flaw in iPhone, Mac

A critical vulnerability in the way the iOS and OS X operating systems validate SSL certificates means that users of Apple smartphones, tablets and laptops have been vulnerable to "man in the middle" attacks.

Spotlight: Get 3-month free trial for Parallels Access app for iPad

If you're looking to give the  Parallels Access  a spin, Parallels is giving away free 3-month trials of the iPad app in celebration of World Mobile Congress next week.

Spotlight: Compass 2 stand for iPad air works in both portrait, landscape

 The lightweight stand folds flat into an incredibly slim package, and supports both landscape and portrait orientations.