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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Leef Access microSD Card Reader for Android

The Leef Access microSD Card Reader for Android is an adapter designed to take advantage of the USB OTG capabilities of Android devices.

Western Digital faces mounting user dissatisfaction as cloud outage reaches a week

Western Digital is facing growing frustration as its users continue to find issues accessing its WD2Go service, a week after the outage started on March 26. The service offers remote access to many of the company's devices, allowing owners of compatible hard drives to hook them up at home and access their content from the Internet.

Backupify expands its supported apps to include Box, Dropbox

Backupify, the cloud to cloud backup vendor, announced they would be supporting a slew of new cloud services throughout this year.

Facebook join forces with other Web giants to tweak MySQL for large-scale use

Four Web companies have come together to add high-performance features to the open source MySQL database. For months now, engineers from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are understood to have contributed code and provided feedback towards the WebScaleSQL project.

Spotlight: Acronis announces Backup as a Service solution

Designed for service providers and resellers, the solution takes the company's strong technical expertise in backing up data into a cloud offering.

Microsoft makes OneDrive name official

Microsoft made the transition from Sky Drive to OneDrive official this week with some new features to sweeten the deal.

Spotlight: Build your private cloud cheap with Transporter Sync

Desktops and laptops are synchronized to the Transporter Sync with the free PC and Mac software, and can also be remotely accessed from Android and iOS devices.

And the most reliable hard disk drive model is…

Data storage provider  Backb laze  on Tuesday published a detailed blog that offered recommendations on the brand and make of hard disk drives (HDD) based on their failure rates.

Spotlight: ioSafe 1513+ is a disaster-hardened NAS

The  ioSafe 1513+  is a five-bay NAS that offers built-in protection against both fire and water, keeping data safe from the former (Up to 1550°F) for 30 minutes, and can be submerged in water for 3 days.

Spotlight: Leef Pro Memory Cards lightning fast, waterproof

The new Leef Pro series of memory cards are no ordinary flash memory cards.