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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Sprint cuts 452 IT jobs at Kansas headquarters; most firms unable to detect, deter or predict insider threats; More

The top news stories for Oct. 21, 2014.

Apple releases mega update to resolve security flaws across multiple products

Apple has released a mega security update that affects multiple products including the OS X operating system, OS X Server and iTunes.

Newly uncovered security weakness could let hackers hide malicious Android app within another app

Security researchers last week demonstrated how a newly uncovered security weakness could allow a malicious Android app to be embedded within another app to avoid detection.

News Scan: Enterprise mobility management market exploding; FCC asked to exempt security alert restrictions for mobile; More

The top news stories for Oct. 17, 2014.

Expect the POODLE vulnerability to stay with us for some time

A recently discovered security weakness in the obsolete SSL 3.0 standard may stay with us for some time yet.

Bankers Association steps up educational efforts on identity theft

The financial services industry remains among the most heavily targeted for cybercrime. As a result, the American Bankers Assocation has released a series of tips for consumers aimed at helping them thwart identity theft.

Facebook doubles the reward for reporting ad-related bugs

Facebook has announced that it is doubling the cash award that it is paying for security bugs that researchers find in its ad code.

News Scan: Cost of data breach rises by 23 percent; Dairy Queen and Kmart confirm major cyber breaches; More

The top news stories for Oct. 15, 2014.

What's stopping innovation? Data privacy concerns, says Intel, Harris Poll report

The survey of device owners revealed widespread misunderstanding and inherent distrust in data usage but "a willingness to share data if it will aid areas such as healthcare and education."

TITUS Classification for Mobile bridges divide between BYOD, document security

BYOD and data management are often a challenge for IT departments that need to balance document access on mobile devices with corporate security and compliance regulations. Data classification and security firm TITUS announced the launch of TITUS Classification for Mobile, to help organizations and government agencies bridge that divide.