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Latest Headlines

Microsoft pulls plug on both malware operators, innocent users

Millions of legitimate servers that rely on dynamic domain name services from were caught in the crossfire and suffered outages starting Monday this week. This happened after Microsoft enforced a federal court order and seized 22 domain names operated by No-IP that it said were being abused to facilitate malware-related crimes.

Apple moves to strengthen iCloud Web apps with two-factor authentication

Apple is tweaking its two-factor authentication system to make it more robust for users accessing the company's iCloud Web apps from a Web browser. According to a report on  AppleInsider, this entails the use of a verification code sent via text message to a trusted iOS device for accounts with 2FA enabled.

Loophole in PayPal two factor authentication implementation allows it to be circumvented

PayPal's second factor authentication, or 2FA, protection can be circumvented, says a senior security researcher at Duo Labs.

Google targets the enterprise with next-gen Android L platform

Google this week took the wraps off Android L, its next-gen revamp of the Android platform. In addition to 64-bit support, the major software upgrade also introduces a cross-platform design language that brings a new, unified user interface to Android and Chrome OS.

Security breaches cause greater scrutiny of third-party service providers

Greater scrutiny is being put on third-party service providers after a series of security breaches saw hackers successfully exploit vendors and service providers to compromise their primary targets.

Google forks OpenSSL to create BoringSSL

Over the weekend, Google announced that it has taken the OpenSSL code library and forked it into its own independently developed version called "BoringSSL."

Intel to possibly incorporate RFID-based 'kill switch' for laptops

Intel is reportedly working on a new chip level technology that could be used to wirelessly provision, track and monitor expensive laptops and other electronic equipment--even when the devices are switched off.

How a hacker destroyed a promising cloud service with a few clicks of the mouse

A code-hosting and software collaboration platform was put out of business by an attacker who deleted a significant portion of the company's online data and backups.

Microsoft warns of serious bug in its anti-malware engine

Microsoft has issued an update to fix a potentially serious denial of service bug in its anti-malware detection engine.

Elcomsoft releases new tool to access iCloud data without Apple ID

Elcomsoft has developed a way to access files stored within Apple's iCloud service without knowing a person's Apple ID. Developed by the well-known Russian company to help law enforcement analyze seized computers, the tool works by making use of special authentication tokens obtained from suspects' computers.