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Latest Headlines

Data and analysis sources on the Ebola outbreak

Fear has run rampant on the heels of the recent and growing outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. Media reports run the gamut from "Run for Your Lives!" to "Nah, Nothing to Worry About." Social media isn't often helpful either since people there tend to travel that same range of thoughts and emotions. So, which of all that information is actual knowledge? Hard data, of course, is where we should turn for that.

News Scan: VanRoekel steps down as US CIO; Fierce15 nominations deadline today; More

The top news stories for Sept. 22, 2014.

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The top news stories for Sept. 18, 2014.

Adobe finally releases critical updates for Reader, Acrobat

Adobe has finally released a delayed security update that addresses critical flaws in its Reader, Acrobat software.

Following celebrity photo leak, Apple expands iCloud backups protection

Apple has expanded the use of two-factor authentication to protect iCloud backups.

Spotlight: Privacy fashions: a mask to thwart facial recognition software

Along comes this idea of wearing masks to stump facial recognition software.

FTC on the dangers in consumer labeling and big data stereotyping

The problem with big data is its propensity to be used to label individuals and sometimes entire groups as good customers or bad ones and as good risks or bad risks. This leads, albeit usually inadvertently, to individuals and groups being unfairly discriminated against. 

Drones shoot down talks on the future of civilian robotics

Besides confusion over what constitutes a robot, politics and emotions on drone use took center stage at the Future of Civilian Robotics talk at think tank Brookings, of what should have been a serious science and tech discussion on robotics as a whole.

Amazon reintroduces, re-fixes security flaw in Kindle Library

Amazon unwittingly reintroduces a security flaw that was fixed last year, highlighting the challenge of maintaining secure code.

Inspector General report: EHR certification program deeply flawed

The push to implement electronic health records systems is reaching critical mass but a new report by the HHS Office of Inspector General reveals what some hospital administrators have been saying for a while. The process just isn't ready for prime time.