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Latest Headlines

Microsoft eyes universal app to run on all Windows devices

Universal apps on the Windows ecosystem is about to become a reality, based on a concept that was announced at the company's annual Build conference last week. Developers could build a single application that will run on smartphones, tablets, PCs and even the Xbox One.

Intel unveils 14nm Braswell chip for low-cost PCs, Chromebooks

Intel last week took the wraps off its plan to launch a new system-on-a-chip, or SoC, designed as the successor to its Bay Trail on low-cost devices and budget PCs. 

How do you use your tablet?

The news about the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 range of Android tablets prompted me to think deeper about how tablets are used, including the differing philosophies adopted by the various device makers. As a fun exercise, I list some of them below.

Report: New 12-inch MacBook Air coming soon

Expect a new 12-inch MacBook to make an appearance soon, according to a new report on  MacRumors.

Interest in dual-boot Android, Windows devices muted

The last couple of years have seen the meteoric rise of the Android platform on smartphone and tablets. Today, hundreds of millions of Android devices exist, prompting some device makers to start putting them on desktop-sized devices in place of the Windows operating system.

Enhancements coming for 4K displays into OS X

Though Apple computers make up but a mere fraction of the overall PC market, there is no doubt that Apple does have a noticeable effect in stimulating adoption of newer technologies in the overall market.

IDC revises 2014 global PC shipments to show even deeper declines

Regardless of the slump in PC shipments, 300 million new computers each year is still a huge number. For enterprises, the figures are probably not as important as ensuring that its wireless infrastructure is up to scratch to accommodate the huge influx of BYOD devices that are currently displacing PC shipments.

Report: Windows 8.1 Update 1 goes RTM

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Update 1 has reached the RTM, or release to manufacturing, stage, according to various reports.

Microsoft resorts to popup to get Windows XP users to upgrade

Microsoft will stop shipping security updates for Windows XP come April 8, 2014. This cessation comes after an incredible run of 12 years and five months, and is substantially longer than many desktop operating systems such as Apple's OS X.

New Samsung Chromebook 2 devices set to arrive in April

Though there is evidence that Chromebooks are getting more popular, they are hardly taking off. The new devices from Samsung look decent, though they sport a higher price tag that detracts somewhat from the appeal of Chromebooks. We'll reserve our final judgment until we can test it out.