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Latest Headlines

Microsoft apologizes for Office 365 outage, explains what happened

Microsoft has apologized for an outage experienced by its Exchange Online service that took place early last week, which it says was due to a "unique" set of circumstances that initially only affected a "small set of customers".

Older Super Micro motherboards found to store passwords in plain text

Tens of thousands of servers could potentially be compromised, wrote Zachary Wikholm, a senior security engineer for 

Microsoft increases free storage on OneDrive to 15GB, Office 365 users will get 1TB

Microsoft this week unveiled a significant increase in the free storage capacity that it is offering to users of OneDrive cloud storage, according to Omar Shahine, the group program manager for

Feedly ignores extortion attempt, fights off 2 rounds of DDoS attacks

Cloud-based news aggregator Feedly was hit by two waves of distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS, this week after refusing to give in to an extortion attempt by hackers.

More than 200,000 servers vulnerable to IPMI flaws

Last year, we reported that more than 100,000 servers are vulnerable to remote attacks via the Intelligent Platform Management Interface, or  IPMI, protocol that could allow hackers to gain complete access to them.

Backdoor found in spy platform used by law enforcement

A software application used by law enforcement organizations to intercept the voice communications of suspected criminals has multiple security weaknesses, some of them critical in nature.

How Netflix uses a sneakernet approach to deploy CDN network

What is interesting is how Netflix distributes the huge amount of content to its storage servers. It prepopulates them--sneakernet style--prior to shipping the servers out for deployment.

Apple admits to phone-switching iMessage bug

Apple finally admitted to a bug in its iMessage service that has reportedly plagued its users since 2011. Perhaps surprisingly, the company is not sure about how to fix it, according to former  Lifehacker  editor Adam Pash who wrote about his experiences in a blog post.

Next-gen USB may push Thunderbolt towards extinction

The continuing evolution of USB SuperSpeed may soon "leave little room" for the expansion of the Thunderbolt hardware interface in the market, according to a new report on  Computerworld.

Microsoft Azure gets new tools to build, manage hybrid clouds

The annual TechEd conference for IT professionals and developers kicked off in Houston on Monday with Microsoft focusing on topics relating to cloud infrastructure.