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Be courteous at the Thanksgiving dinner table

As we prepare for our Thanksgiving dinners, let's remember to be courteous at the dinner table and put away our smartphones and tablets. FierceMobileIT will return to your inbox on Monday, Dec. 2. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Why you shouldn't ditch your old iPad just yet

Since a lot of iPad tablets just officially became obsolete with the recent launch of the faster and more attractive iPad Air, we thought it'd be interesting to explore some of his suggestions.

Apple iWork causing iPhone 5S to crash; 'Shark Tank' gives mobile app a boost; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Monday 10/14.

IDC Survey: Few using tablets to replace laptop

Only 8.7 percent of tablet buyers are looking to use their new BYOD gadget as a replacement for their laptop. This was the result of a survey by IDC, which also found that a majority 58.5 percent...

Spotlight: Opera releases Coast browser for the iPad

Opera earlier this week released Coast, a new web browser designed from the ground-up for the iPad tablet. 

Spotlight: Parallels Access

Designed for the Apple iPad, Parallels Access is a simple and secure way to access full-featured Windows and Mac desktop apps on a tablet. 

Workers want tablet with keyboard, Forrester finds

Around 62 percent of information workers prefer a tablet with a keyboard, according to a survey conducted by Forrester Research.

Spotlight: Microsoft releases Surface Pro, RT tablets to 17 new markets

Microsoft announced yesterday that it's releasing it's Surface Pro and RT tablet sales to 17 more commercial markets, according to  PC Mag. 

Microsoft sued over Surface RT sales reporting

Adding insult to injury, Microsoft was slapped with a lawsuit this week that charges the firm with misleading investors on the poor sales of its Surface RT tablets.

Tablets and smartphones affecting PC shipments, says IDC

PC sales have dropped and are set to dip lower than initial projections, according to IDC in its Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. The updated forecasts reflect a significant drop in actual PC shipments in Q1 2013, and a shift in focus as computer makers start paying more attention to alternative form factors such as hybrids and slate-based devices.