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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Brinell SSD External Drive

If you're looking for an ultra high-performance external drive with the looks to match, then the Brinell Drive SSD may just be it.

No need to lose sleep over limited write endurance of SSDs

There is no need to be stressed out over the limited write endurance of solid-state drives,

A closer look at the Apple Fusion Drive

Apple's new Fusion Drive was unveiled just a couple of weeks back. While it sounds similar to the hybrid hard drive like the Momentus XT hybrid drive, it really consists of a separate solid-state drive and hard disk drive that are merged into a single volume at the operating system level.

Intel introduces new DC S3700 SSD for data centers

Intel has taken the wraps off its latest SSD DC S3700 solid-state drive, which offers improved performance and power efficiency over the Intel SSD 710 series that was unveiled in September last year.

Samsung introduces 2 new high-performance SSDs for the enterprise

Samsung introduced two new solid state drives that deliver better performance and durability than existing SSDs from the company. Designed with the enterprise data center in mind, the new SSDs can be deployed in servers or embedded solutions.

IDC: Global SSD revenue doubled in 2011

The worldwide solid-stage drive (SSD) industry experienced a record $5 billion in revenue last year, up 105 percent from 2010. And according to market analyst IDC, the NAND flash SSD market is

Spotlight: ioSafe Rugged Portable SSD

Mobile executives who are always on-the-move will appreciate the ioSafe Rugged Portable SSD. Essentially a solid-state disk (SSD) cocooned inside protective slabs of billet-machined aluminum, the

Intel lowers Q4 forecast, cites shortage of hard disk drives

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has lowered its fourth-quarter sales from an initial projected amount of $14.7 billion to $13.7 billion. In a statement, the top chip maker attributed the drop to the PC supply

Hybrid hard drive: Dead end or the future of storage?

As we reported earlier this week, hard disk maker Seagate has started shipping its second-generation hybrid hard drive (HHD). For those not familiar with the Momentus XT HHD, it is essentially a

Intel introduces 710 Series of MLC SSDs for enterprise

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has unveiled a new 710 series of multi-level cell-based solid-state drives that the company says offer far greater reliability than current MLC-based SSDs. While MLC NAND flash