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Ditching Java, Reader and Flash for sake of security

In the face of widespread attacks against a number of types of plug-in software, Brad Chacos of PC World did an experiment to see if it is possible to go without Java, Adobe Reader, and Flash--and their respective browser plug-ins.

Oracle admits to security problems with Java in browsers

Oracle has finally admitted to security issues with its Java web browser plug-ins, acknowledging in a blog post late last week that users may have been "frustrated with Oracle's relative silence on the issue."

Firefox to default all plug-ins to Click to Play--with exception of Flash

To tackle the problem of drive-by download attacks, Mozilla earlier this week announced a complete change in how the Firefox browser will deal with third-party plug-ins. In a nutshell, Mozilla plans to enable this feature for all versions of plug-ins, with the exception of the latest version of Flash.

McAfee's SiteAdvisor plug-in causes huge performance problem, says Mozilla

McAfee's popular SiteAdvisor add-on for Firefox has a memory leak that can lead to huge performance problems, says a Mozilla engineer. In a blog entry posted last Friday, Mozilla engineer Nicholas

How to: Customize iTunes

Of course, you've got your Firefox browser all tricked out with more plug-ins than you can remember but what about your iTunes? Most of us take the venerable music playing app for granted if we have

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon released

What do you get when you take the name of an animal and attach to it an alliterative adjective that denotes some form of moxie? Why, a new version of Ubuntu Linux, of course!

How to: Use web-apps in a distraction free zone

Ever wish you could use your web-based applications in a distraction-free browser window, without all those plug-ins, feeds and other add ons taking up valuable screen real estate?

How to: Speed up Adobe Reader (Windows only)

For a "portable document format," PDFs sure can take a while to load--especially if you're opening them with Adobe Reader. The problem has gotten to be so bad that a whole cottage industry of third

ALSO NOTED: Google facing piracy charges; RIM: iPhone is no threat;

> Firefox extensions, going, going, gone: Mozilla purges plug-ins this week. Article > RIM's co-CEO doesn't see the iPhone as being a threat. Article > Google is accused of aiding pirates. Article > One city tries to cut …

Finding the best plug-ins for Firefox

Looking to upgrade your browser? If you're a Firefox fan, the good news is that there's no shortage of third-party plug-ins for the popular open-source browser. But where to start? You could do worse than check out CNET 's picks for the top 10 Firefox plug-ins.