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Latest Headlines

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> Intel takes aim at SMB server market. Article > Vista SP1 RC1 due next week?

iPhone SDK: already seeded to developers?

We all know that the official iPhone SDK is coming sometime in February but if the latest rumors are to be believed, a

How to: Sync a Windows Mobile device with a Mac

It's hard to imagine what kind of person would own both a Windows Mobile device and a Mac. A productivity-obsessed creative professional? A design-worshiping exec? A failed artist turned businessman?

Patched Mac Mail vulnerability returns

Less like a bug and more like a phoenix, an almost 2-year-old Mac Mail vulnerability has resurfaced in Leopard. Security researchers recently discovered that the bug--which apple patched some 20

Apple unleashes slew of OS X updates

We've been talking about the possibility of an OS X update ever since Leopard was released and here it is: OS

"Fake Mac" beats MacPro in benchmarks

Remember that "fake Mac" we showed you how to build a few days ago? Well, what if I told you that that same

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> Barack Obama outlines his plans for government IT and tech. Article > Walt Mossberg

How to: Build a fake Mac for less than $800

Have you always wanted an upgradeable Mac desktop to call your own but can't quite stomach the low-end MacPro's $2500 sticker price?

Wi-Fire wants to boost your WiFi signal

Looking at the image above, you might find yourself asking "What's that goofy-looking device tethered to that laptop?" Okay, I'll admit that thing does look a little strange. But what if I told you

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> What's in the Microsoft product pipeline? Article > OLPC XO finally begins mass production.