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Latest Headlines

Office for Mac 2008 gets previewed

If you've got any Intel-based Macs in your enterprise, chances are that you've been waiting with baited breath for Office 2008

Apple has a very happy holiday

Apple has made some incredible gains during the last few years both in terms of their Mac and consumer electronics lines, transforming a company that was once near bankruptcy into a profitable

Mac OS 10.5.2 bringing bug fixes galore

A few weeks back, French Mac rumor site MacBidouille received word that Apple is planning to release OS

ALSO NOTED: Dell Latitude XT available for pre-order; Dan Hesse named as Sprint's new CEO;

> Dell's Latitude XT is finally available for order, though it ships in January. Article > More details

How to: Replace the hard drive in a Mac notebook with the help of Time Machine

Replacing the hard drive in a Mac portable is no short order--it requires opening up and disassembling the unit, reinstalling OS X and then restoring the data that was on your old drive.

ALSO NOTED: Samsung's BlackJack II gets a quick review; Android shown running on live hardware;

> Skype gets increased video quality with software update. Article > Japanese mobile operator gets Android running on live hardware.

ALSO NOTED: Vista SP1 RC1 due next week?; Motorola CEO Ed Zander to step down;

> Intel takes aim at SMB server market. Article > Vista SP1 RC1 due next week?

iPhone SDK: already seeded to developers?

We all know that the official iPhone SDK is coming sometime in February but if the latest rumors are to be believed, a

How to: Sync a Windows Mobile device with a Mac

It's hard to imagine what kind of person would own both a Windows Mobile device and a Mac. A productivity-obsessed creative professional? A design-worshiping exec? A failed artist turned businessman?

Patched Mac Mail vulnerability returns

Less like a bug and more like a phoenix, an almost 2-year-old Mac Mail vulnerability has resurfaced in Leopard. Security researchers recently discovered that the bug--which apple patched some 20