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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Oracle plugs more than 100 security holes

Oracle has released security patches for more than 100 vulnerabilities, including 37 in its Java SE product.

Microsoft updates EMET tool, plugging security hole flagged by Bromium Labs

SAN FRANCISCO--Microsoft this week released the next version of its enhanced mitigation experience toolkit, or EMET, and fixed a security hole in the tool exploited by Bromium Labs.

Oracle set to release massive 147 patch update for Java, middleware apps

Oracle is releasing a massive security update consisting of 147 patch batches. As reported by  Computerworld, affected software include products in the company's Fusion Middleware portfolio, PeopleSoft, the Solaris operating system and Java SE, among others.

Oracle releases huge batch of security patches

Oracle is releasing a breathtaking 147 security patches on Tuesday, including 36 patches for its much exploited Java software. A full 34 of the Java security holes are remotely exploitable without authentication.

'Some' visitors to Yahoo.com may be infected with malware

Some visitors to Yahoo.com were infected with malware over the course of a few days, says Netherlands-based security firm Fox IT.

Attackers serve up malware to Yahoo visitors at rate of 300,000 per hour

Yahoo's advertising network was recently hacked, and visitors were redirected to a malicious website at a rate of 300,000 per hour, according to Dutch security firm Fox-IT.

Oracle fixes 127 security flaws, including 51 Java flaws

Oracle released this week its quarterly critical patch update that patches 127 security vulnerabilities, including 51 holes in its Java software.

Top languages used in analytics, data mining and data science

While everyone in the tech end of big data has their favorite language, and their own guess as to which language is the prevailing language in the community, few actual studies have been conducted to see how they actually line up in terms of popularity. Thus, KDNuggets'  poll  is most welcomed--even if the results are limited to its own readers. At least it is a study that sheds some much needed light on  who's on first. 

Spotlight: Apple recommends enabling Java only for websites that require it

Apple recommends only enabling the Java browser plug-in when needed for a particular site and then disabling it after leaving the site.

Hackers are targeting hole in Java 6, warns F-Secure

Hackers are currently exploiting a security hole in Java 6 using the Neutrino malware kit, warned Timo Hirvonen, a security analyst with F-Secure.