Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) is a Mountain View, Calif.-based technology company. It is the global market leader for semiconductor chips, in terms of revenue. Intel also manufactures circuits, flash memory, graphic chips and processors.

In late 2010, Intel also launched projects that aim to make cloud computing more interoperable: The Cloud 2015 vision, the Open Data Center Alliance and Intel Cloud Builders.

In the company's latest quarterly filing, Q4 2010, its revenue was $11.5 billion, up $355 million or 3 percent sequentially. Intel reported an operating income of $4.3 billion, up $211 million or 5 percent sequentially; and a net income of $3.4 billion, up $433 million or 15 percent sequentially.

"2010 was the best year in Intel's history. We believe that 2011 will be even better," said Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO.

In August 2010, Intel announced the acquisition of security software giant McAfee for $7.68 billion in cash. At the time the companies said that by joining forces they can better combat today's cybersecurity issues, which require "a fundamentally new approach to security"--mainly by integrating security into hardware via chips. Just two months after the McAfee deal, Intel acquired Infineon Technologies' Wireless solutions business.  



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Intel takes the wrap off 10Gbps Thunderbolt networking

At the National Association of Broadcasters show this year, Intel took the wraps off "Thunderbolt Networking" that will deliver two-way 10Gbps connectivity between two computers. 

Intel unveils 14nm Braswell chip for low-cost PCs, Chromebooks

Intel last week took the wraps off its plan to launch a new system-on-a-chip, or SoC, designed as the successor to its Bay Trail on low-cost devices and budget PCs. 

Qualcomm lifted on strong smartphone, LTE baseband processor sales

Due to its leading position as a smartphone and LTE baseband processor supplier, Qualcomm convincingly retained the third spot in the global semiconductor market, posting $17.2 billion in revenue last year, up 30.6 percent year-over-year.

Intel and Cloudera get hitched

Intel is being very hush-hush on how big a dowry it paid to partner up with cash-hungry, over-achiever, Cloudera. This way Intel can focus on its core business while still fanning the big data flames that ignites server sales without getting lost in the smoke of building that fire. Hortonworks is probably crying at the wedding though. 

How to hire women in tech and 8 ways to help them succeed

Female technology leaders share advice on how employers can better attract women into their IT ranks, and help them thrive and succeed in the male-dominated industry.

Intel unveils new 1.6Tbps fiber optic cable

While a higher density cable offers greater headway for future expansion, widespread deployment is inextricably tied to the cost of the technology.

Intel Xeon E7 could herald the end of Itanium

Intel this week took the wraps off the Xeon E7 V2 processor, which features 15-cores designed to handle the kind of workload associated with big data.

Intel launches standalone virtual KVM product

KVM stands for keyboard, video and mouse, and are traditionally hardware appliances that can connect to dozens or even hundreds of servers.

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64-bit Intel Bay Trail chip for Android tablets arriving Q2 2014

Expect to see quad-core Atom processors coming to Android tablets in Q2 this year, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in a comment made during a conference call with analysts.