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Latest Headlines

Intel Xeon E7 could herald the end of Itanium

Intel this week took the wraps off the Xeon E7 V2 processor, which features 15-cores designed to handle the kind of workload associated with big data.

Your next desktop could be an Android device

Do you have any ideas on how an Android desktop could be utilized in the enterprise?

HP SlateBook X2 is serious Android laptop hybrid

Hewlett-Packard this week took the wraps off a new laptop-tablet hybrid that runs on the Android operating system. The SlateBook X2 is priced at $479.99, and comes with both the tablet and keyboard dock portion in the same package. It is not possible to buy the tablet as a stand-alone item.

Hadoop appears to be everywhere lately, except in big data

Hadoop, the database everyone associates with big data, has had a run of more traditional deployment lately, which is good for Hadoop, but also still good for those looking for more proof of its ability to scale.

HP launches Moonshot 1500 with Intel Atom server cartridges

HP says Moonshot systems use 89 percent less power, 80 percent less space and cost 77 percent less than conventional servers.

LG hints at webOS smartphones, says UI trumps Android

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, LG Electronics said it may consider leveraging its newly-acquired webOS operating system to power smartphones and other connected devices.

HP to start selling Atom-based Project Moonshot servers next quarter

Hewlett-Packard will ship its first low-power server for hyperscale computing environments next quarter, said CEO Meg Whitman.

UX will drive the next wave of enterprise IT

The next wave of IT innovation will be combine real-time analytics and improved user experience (UX). That will improve decision making in areas that range from managing large-scale infrastructure and collaborating on trading desks to prioritizing personal email inboxes, according to Robert Fabricant of frog and Greg Petroff of General Electric.

HP wants mobile developers for webOS

Hewlett-Packard is looking for developers in Sunnyvale, Calif., and Shanghai, to work on WebOS and Enyo, the operating system's HTML5-based application framework.

CIOs in the retail business are on the move

The retail business has seen a boatload of CIO appointments this summer, including new IT leadership at CVS, Lowes, Dillards, Wegmans Food Markets and many more.