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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Misconfigured serial port servers a widespread problem

Over 13,000 Internet-enabled serial port servers are misconfigured and could be accessed without any need for authentication.

Oracle admits to security problems with Java in browsers

Oracle has finally admitted to security issues with its Java web browser plug-ins, acknowledging in a blog post late last week that users may have been "frustrated with Oracle's relative silence on the issue."

Vulnerable videoconferencing a major problem for companies

Misconfigured videoconferencing systems can let hackers listen in on privileged boardroom discussions or use PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras to see confidential reports left lying on conference room

How hackers can eavesdrop on prevalent videoconferencing systems

In a report first published in The New York Times, HD Moore of vulnerability management firm Rapid7 warned about how expensive videoconferencing equipment is being left improperly secured. This could