Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google adds extra encryption for Gmail, but remains silent on other apps

A couple of weeks ago, Google made an announcement that it has enabled end-to-end data encryption for messages handled by the company's Gmail service. This means that every email message that is sent and received is encrypted while moving internally, explained Nicolas Lidzborski, the engineer lead for Gmail Security.

Gmail, multiple Google services hit by outage on Friday

Users could not make use of some services like Gmail, Google+, Calendar and Documents, among others, for periods ranging from 25 minutes to almost an hour.

The US government is secretly mining data. Now what?

United States intelligence agencies have been secretly mining data from major Internet companies based in the U.S.

Google raises amount of free storage for Gmail, Drive to 15GB

Google on Monday announced that it would be tripling the amount of free storage it offered in services such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos to 15GB. In addition, this storage space will also be combined, allowing users to share a unified 15GB storage space.

Boston latest in list of Exchange-to-Gmail defectors

The city of Boston is the latest to ditch its Microsoft Exchange installation for Gmail, reported  The Boston Globe  on Friday. With 20,000 employees, the move is expected to save the city some $280,000 per year.

Christmas Eve Netflix outage traced to mistake by Amazon

A Netflix outage that saw customers in the United States, Canada and Latin America faced with time-outs and delays on Christmas Eve was traced to a mistake by an engineer at Amazon Web Services.

Human error knocks Gmail offline

Google's Gmail  was down for some 40 minutes on Monday. Rumors hinted at first at a Denial of Service attack, fueled in part by Google's initial silence on the matter. However, updates that were provided by the company later showed it as an outage caused by a server misconfiguration.

CIA Director's affair exposed through email

The discovery of an extramarital affair between CIA Director David Petraeus with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, culminated in his resignation. What is interesting from a technical perspective, is how the affair was exposed by the discovery of email messages stored in Petraeus's personal Gmail account.

Turn on 2-factor authentication, urges Google's Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, head of Google's Webspam team, has written a post on his personal blog urging users to enable two-factor authentication on their Google accounts. 

Spotlight: Nuance unveils NaturallySpeaking 12

Nuance Communications has unveiled Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, the latest version of its popular speech recognition product.