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Latest Headlines

Mobility boosts virtual reality use in the enterprise

Thanks to advances in mobile technology, enterprises could save millions of dollars by using virtual reality, according to an article at  NetworkWorld.

Facebook doubles the reward for reporting ad-related bugs

Facebook has announced that it is doubling the cash award that it is paying for security bugs that researchers find in its ad code.

Apple, Facebook offer to freeze female workers' eggs--Workforce expert says, 'Good call'

In the wake of Apple and Facebook announcing that they are willing to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs, a prominent business professor comments that the move is creative and forward-thinking on the one hand, but rife with publicity risk on the other.

News Scan: Facebook to pass Google for mobile ad lead; Salesforce puts Lightning into mobile apps; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT story for Wednesday, Oct. 15, including Facebook passing Google in mobile ad revenue by 2016, Salesforce launching Lightning as a mobile app development platform, how the feds are considering the safety of cell tower workers, how much Indian insurers are spending on mobile devices and Qualcomm's shipment of the world's first 28nm transceiver.

5 hot new business apps: Facebook goes anonymous; Snapchat users get snapped; more

The 5 hot new apps for Oct. 15.

Twitter beats Facebook to peer-to-peer mobile payment punch

Twitter has seized the initiative and launched a mobile payments service based on its social network in France, Reuters reports.

News Scan: Facebook closes $22B WhatsApp buy; Microsoft unveils new Office 365 plans for SMBs; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Oct. 7, including the final touches on the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp, how Microsoft plans to market Office 365 to SMBs, why companies will soon need to put a premium on developing better batteries, the expected displays for future wearables and where the RFID middleware market is headed.

Ello, the anti-Facebook, says you aren't the product but really you are

While still in beta and open by invitation only, Vox reports that last Thursday Ello was acquiring 31,000 new users an hour. The main draw is user privacy: no need to use your real name and no threat of your data being sold. You won't be the product like you are on Facebook, in other words. But is that really so?

Supersized data: The statistically significant but substantively trivial results conundrum

A lot of things have to come together perfectly for statistically significant to equal something meaningful, starting with--but certainly not ending with--an accurate assessment of the effect of sampling size on standard tests of significance. 

IT hiring managers warn: Beware what you post on social media

A new study finds that what IT pros post on social media can easily come back to haunt them, and a single negative post about a current employer can prevent them from getting the next job.