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Latest Headlines

Two things we can learn from Instagram's massive, zero-downtime migration to Facebook

Over the course of a year, Instagram shifted its entire service, not once, but twice--without stopping the popular social media service. 

Facebook tweaks ad platform to make greater use of Web browsing, app data

Facebook plans to make use of users' web browsing histories, along with apps they have downloaded, in order to better personalize the ads it displays.

Bitly suffers data breach, asks users to reset accounts

Popular link shortening service Bitly late Thursday announced that it suffered a data breach and has issued an urgent security update for its users to reset their accounts.

Facebook unveils anonymous logins, more granular controls for apps

Facebook on Wednesday announced an anonymous login feature designed to encourage users to try out more apps without having to worry about the revealing too much about themselves or their Facebook activities.

Facebook join forces with other Web giants to tweak MySQL for large-scale use

Four Web companies have come together to add high-performance features to the open source MySQL database. For months now, engineers from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are understood to have contributed code and provided feedback towards the WebScaleSQL project.

Facebook releases Hack programming language

Facebook on Thursday released a new open source programming language modelled after PHP, but with the rigorous safety controls typically found in more mature programming languages such as C++.

Report: NSA allegedly posed as Facebook to steal data

New documents have emerged that points to the U.S. National Security Agency impersonating Facebook servers to hack into and steal data from targeted computers. The process was depicted in a one minute "top secret" video that showed what is known as a man-on-the-side attack, one of several techniques used by the NSA to conduct its mass surveillance.

Rival app Telegram sees major surge in download after WhatsApp acquisition

WhatsApp users who switched to Telegram may well have done so just to shut Facebook out.

Facebook builds prototype 'cold storage' system with 10,000 Blu-ray discs

Facebook has put together a prototype storage system that makes use of Blu-ray discs in place of traditional hard disk drives. The system was showed at an Open Compute Project summit meeting this week, and was essentially designed to store data that is hardly ever accessed, and is dubbed by Facebook as a "cold storage" system.

Former NSA employee says engineers 'not as good' as private sector

The hiring process at the National Security Agency is not as grueling as that of some Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, writes a former NSA employee.