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Latest Headlines

Facebook's dodgy privacy record prompts FTC warning over WhatsApp buy

Facebook's dodgy privacy record has prompted the Federal Trade Commission to take the extraordinary step of warning the social media giant about its proposed $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging startup WhatsApp.

FTC to Facebook: Stick to your promises after buying WhatsApp

If this is really an approval by the Federal Trade Commission of Facebook's pending acquisition of the messaging app maker, it did not come gift-wrapped.

Facebook join forces with other Web giants to tweak MySQL for large-scale use

Four Web companies have come together to add high-performance features to the open source MySQL database. For months now, engineers from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are understood to have contributed code and provided feedback towards the WebScaleSQL project.

Facebook reveals its home-grown ThreatData framework

In a blog post this week, Facebook offered a look at its homegrown threat analysis tool, dubbed ThreatData.

Tech execs meet with White House over 'too slow' NSA reforms

Google's Eric Schmidt, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and several other top tech executives met with President Obama recently to discuss White House efforts to reform the National Security Agency's surveillance practices.

Facebook releases Hack programming language

Facebook on Thursday released a new open source programming language modelled after PHP, but with the rigorous safety controls typically found in more mature programming languages such as C++.

Report: NSA allegedly posed as Facebook to steal data

New documents have emerged that points to the U.S. National Security Agency impersonating Facebook servers to hack into and steal data from targeted computers. The process was depicted in a one minute "top secret" video that showed what is known as a man-on-the-side attack, one of several techniques used by the NSA to conduct its mass surveillance.

Spotlight: Android version of WhatsApp chat log vulnerable to hackers

The Android version of WhatsApp--the instant messaging firm being acquired by Facebook for $16 billion--has a security flaw that leaves chat histories open to theft and decryption by malicious apps installed on the same smartphone, warns an article in  Ars Technica. 

Yahoo ditches banner ads, others may follow suit

The rise of mobile browsing means people are using devices with smaller screens with no room for clunky banner ads. Yahoo is ditching banner ads completely by encouraging marketers to buy "Stream ads"--a term the company uses for their native ad placements.

Rival app Telegram sees major surge in download after WhatsApp acquisition

WhatsApp users who switched to Telegram may well have done so just to shut Facebook out.