DDOS Attack

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Meetup CEO on why he wouldn't pay $300 to stop DDoS attacks

CEO and co-founder Scott Heiferman had apparently received an email that attempted to extort $300 from him as a condition to stop the DDoS, which promptly commenced.  

Cloudflare fights off record 400 Gbps DDoS

Though large scale DDoS are typically directed towards specific targets, some have speculated that the sheer scale of modern DDoS attacks could threaten core routers on the Internet.

Hidden DoS capability found in popular download management app

A popular download management utility called Orbit Download has been found to incorporate denial of service capabilities, say researchers from security vendor ESET.

DDoS myths and misconceptions

In our Internet-connected age, DDoS attacks are a perennial problem that regularly make it into the news. In an attempt to better understand this topic, we posed a number of questions to Dan Holden, director of security research for Arbor Networks.

Large-scale DDoS attacks hit Spamhaus

The large-scale distributed denial of service attacks that were conducted against Spamhaus saw it flooded it with 300Gbps of traffic, according to content delivery firm CloudFlare.

Human error knocks Gmail offline

Google's Gmail  was down for some 40 minutes on Monday. Rumors hinted at first at a Denial of Service attack, fueled in part by Google's initial silence on the matter. However, updates that were provided by the company later showed it as an outage caused by a server misconfiguration.

Large-scale DDoS attacks now the norm

Distributed denial-of-service attacks are becoming more common, and have almost doubled in frequency and more than tripled in size, says DDoS protection and mitigation firm Prolexic.

GoDaddy outage the result of attack on DNS

Websites hosted on hosting provider GoDaddy went down for several hours on Monday, and a hacker who claims to be a supporter of the Anonymous group has claimed responsibility for it.

AT&T suffers DNS outage from DDoS attack

AT&T was hit by a distributed denial-of-service attack yesterday, which caused a disruption for some of the company's customers on its managed services DNS product.

Anonymous supporters tricked into installing Trojan, Symantec says

Computer users participating in distributed denial-of-service attacks as part of Anonymous could be in for an unpleasant surprise. According to a post on the official Symantec blog, some of these