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Latest Headlines

Researcher sets up illegal 420K node botnet to scan entire Internet

By leveraging unsecured Internet-accessible embedded devices, an anonymous researcher succeeded in creating a massive botnet consisting of 420,000 devices. This was used to perform a comprehensive IPv4 census that found 1.3 billion addresses in use, 141 million of which were behind a firewall.

Server-based botnets used in attacks against US banks

The recent attacks that hit United States banks are being attributed by government officials and security researchers to Iran, a charge the Iranian government has denied.

How closely do you monitor your network?

I'm curious to hear about the steps taken by your company in monitoring the corporate network. Do you have any tips, tricks and advice to offer?

Microsoft disrupts botnet spread through preinstalled malware

Microsoft stepped in last week to take down its fifth botnet in three years as part of an operation dubbed "Operation b70."

Three ways cyber criminals make money from hacking you

It seems like new reports of cyber criminals and botnets are surfacing every week, often with the revelation that they are making off with large sums of money to boot. Security vendor Trend Micro

DDOS against Wikileaks; how to mitigate an attack on your business

The dangers of Distributed Denial of Service attacks were once again brought to the forefront even as the controversial whistle blowing site Wikileaks found itself booted by its U.S.-based Domain

New study says cybercrime costs enterprises $3.8 million a year

A new report by the Ponemon Institute has pegged the average cost of cyber attacks at $3.8 million a year. This figure comes from an actual study of 45 U.S. organizations involved in data breaches

German government steps in to clean malware

At the fourth German IT summit last week, the German government announced plans to help its citizens detect and eliminate malware from their computers. This will be done in conjunction with ISPs who

Botnets won't be going away anytime soon

This week comes news of how members of the FireEye security team put together an operation that crippled a major botnet known as Mega-D. The move saw spam levels from this botnet dramatically

Researchers work together to take down botnets

Members of the FireEye security team struck at the heart of a major botnet as part of a coordinated attack. Spam from the Mega-D botnet came practically to a standstill as team members worked to