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Latest Headlines

Cybercrime black and gray markets are flourishing, warns RAND

Expanding black and gray markets for computer hacking tools, services and spoils of cybercrime, such as stolen credit card numbers, are expanding, creating an increasing threat to businesses, governments and individuals, according to a new RAND study sponsored by Juniper Networks

Researcher sets up illegal 420K node botnet to scan entire Internet

By leveraging unsecured Internet-accessible embedded devices, an anonymous researcher succeeded in creating a massive botnet consisting of 420,000 devices. This was used to perform a comprehensive IPv4 census that found 1.3 billion addresses in use, 141 million of which were behind a firewall.

Server-based botnets used in attacks against US banks

The recent attacks that hit United States banks are being attributed by government officials and security researchers to Iran, a charge the Iranian government has denied.

How closely do you monitor your network?

I'm curious to hear about the steps taken by your company in monitoring the corporate network. Do you have any tips, tricks and advice to offer?

Microsoft disrupts botnet spread through preinstalled malware

Microsoft stepped in last week to take down its fifth botnet in three years as part of an operation dubbed "Operation b70."

Conficker continues to plague the enterprise

"It's been the number one threat in the enterprise for the last two-and-a-half years," said Microsoft's Tim Rains.

Three ways cyber criminals make money from hacking you

It seems like new reports of cyber criminals and botnets are surfacing every week, often with the revelation that they are making off with large sums of money to boot. Security vendor Trend Micro

Botnet militia amassing for unknown purpose

A vast militia of infected computers is being marshaled, but how this botnet will be put to use remains unknown, reports Tim Greene at Network World. Since August, malicious email attachments have

How an early warning system could protect against cyber attacks

Here's an inspiring idea from InfoWorld's Roger Grimes: To combat escalating online anarchy, let's build an Internet-wide early warning system that alerts organizations immediately when a malicious

DDOS against Wikileaks; how to mitigate an attack on your business

The dangers of Distributed Denial of Service attacks were once again brought to the forefront even as the controversial whistle blowing site Wikileaks found itself booted by its U.S.-based Domain