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Latest Headlines

Apple moves to strengthen iCloud Web apps with two-factor authentication

Apple is tweaking its two-factor authentication system to make it more robust for users accessing the company's iCloud Web apps from a Web browser. According to a report on  AppleInsider, this entails the use of a verification code sent via text message to a trusted iOS device for accounts with 2FA enabled.

Cool 'Handoff' feature in OS X Yosemite will only work in newer Macs

An Apple engineer has confirmed that the "Handoff" feature that was recently demonstrated at the WWDC 2014 keynote will only work on newer Mac computers.

Apple wants to sell you headphones that plug into proprietary Lightning port

At WWDC earlier this month, Apple for the first time shared the possibility of making headphones that plug directly into its proprietary Lightning connector. This would entail the use of a "Lightning headphone module" and offer higher quality digital music playback in place of the venerable 3.5mm analog-only audio jack.

Developer activates split-screen multitasking code hidden in iOS 8

A developer has discovered what he says is a split-screen feature in iOS 8, Apple's next major revision of its operating system for the company's iPhone and iPad devices.

Another lock screen bug found in iOS 7

A user called Daniel has discovered a new lock screen bug in iOS 7 and posted a YouTube video demonstrating the exploit. Unlike earlier flaws that opened up access to the entire device, however, only the last app used by the user prior to locking the device is exposed this time.

Report: Safari, Chrome could mask URLs in future

Both the Safari and Chrome Web browsers could soon implement a new feature that results in the URL of a website being obscured, reports  Computerworld.

It's confirmed: Apple wants you to buy smartphone, tablet and computer

While Android devices have blurred the line between the smartphone and tablet, Apple has made certain that this demarcation stays crystal clear by keeping the iPhone display small and disabling traditional phone capabilities, such as voice calls, from the iPad.

Apple takes page from Microsoft with massive public beta for OS X Yosemite

Apple yesterday unveiled the next version of its operating system for Mac computers at its WWDC 2014 event for developers. OS X Yosemite is a replacement for OS X Mavericks from last year, and offers a substantial user interface redesign, iCloud Drive for cloud storage and multiple tweaks including major new features that offer better integration between Mac and iOS devices.

Hackers hijack Find My iPhone to lock Mac and iOS devices for ransom

Dozens of users had their iCloud account accessed without their permission and the corresponding feature for finding lost phones or devices was exploited to demand a ransom. 

Report: Apple likely to reveal iOS 8, OS X 10.10 at WWDC this year

Apple on Wednesday released the official schedule for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this year, a sold-out event that will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco, Calif. While full...