Yahoo VPN logs show remote workforce slacking off


Last week, we reported that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer mandated that telecommuting employees will no longer be able to work from home come June. The unorthodox move has led to a firestorm of interest. Many of our own readers have posted comments questioning the basis behind Mayer's decision.

Reader Sue, for example, noted that: "Good people find ways to collaborate no matter where they work from or what time zone people are in."

Another reader questioned Mayer's assertion that "speed and quality" are sacrificed when working from home. "None of my employees that work from their home offices take longer to complete tasks when telecommuting," wrote reader MoPR. "In most cases they complete assignments far more quickly in fact. Speed and quality are definitely NOT the big issues for telecommuting employees."

It appears that a lot of the criticism may be misplaced, though, as more details come to light. At least one insider has admitted that Yahoo's large remote workforce has resulted in people "slacking off like crazy" and "spending a lot of time on non-Yahoo! projects."

Mayer has also mentioned the smoking gun that triggered the move: VPN logs showed that work-at-home staffers were simply not signing on enough. Clearly, Mayer thinks that employees are abusing the privilege. For now, nothing appears to be phasing Mayer. She appears to be waiting for the entire thing to "blow over."

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