Windows Blue: Next Windows OS update 'may be on its way'


More rumors on the next release of the Windows operating system have been spotted. Known as "Blue," the next release of Windows has been pegged as a feature release and takes the place of a service pack that Microsoft would typically release a year after a major operating system goes to retail.

At the moment, the word from source of previous leaks pertaining to Windows--is that the release to manufacturing date for Blue will be June 7, with August 2013 pegged as the date for retail availability.

The report noted that there would be a "milestone preview" build of Blue that will be released to the public prior to its RTM release. Enhancements expected in Blue include tweaks to the user experience, a range of kernel and driver-level updates for better battery life and overall performance, and better scalability support for Modern apps. The report says that Blue will be free, though this has not corroborated by other sources.  

Separately, Paul Thurrott of SuperSite for Windows has accused Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) of "getting it wrong" by going on the same "prepare, test, and then release a big-bang, monolithic update" approach as it had done in the past. According to Thurrott, the only difference here is that Microsoft has compressed the entire cycle into one year instead of three.

"Fixing Windows 8 for the short term is likewise easy and it doesn't require the enormous machinations of the Windows team to wind itself up into an all-too-familiar (if faster) release cycle" writes Thurrott. According to Thurrott, fixing the problem with Windows 8 "requires releasing little fixes, regularly. Monthly. All the time."

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