Windows 8.1 will fix problems with Windows 8, says Gartner


The upcoming Windows 8.1 update will fix many of the problems people have had with Windows 8, says Gartner. In a report titled "Windows 8.1 could become what Windows 8 should have been," Gartner says that the official tweaks, such as the ability to boot directly to the desktop, the inclusion of Start button functions and Internet Explorer 11, are changes that will help improve the poor adoption of Windows 8.

"Other highlights include better settings for roaming due to tighter integration with the consumer-targeted SkyDrive, more choices for splitting Windows onscreen, and the replication of relevant control panel functions in the new user interface, which reduces the need to switch to the desktop," says the report.

Gartner is recommending that organizations consider Windows 8.1 for broader deployment beyond touch-based devices, and they recommend installing it as the default operating system for companies looking at a PC refresh.

What about companies that are already in the early stages of planning for a Windows 8 deployment? "If it makes sense," Gartner says they can perform a pilot deployment on Windows 8, though they should switch to Windows 8.1 beta as soon as possible.

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- check out the report by Gartner

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