Windows 8 Metro start screen is not optional, report says


Microsoft has apparently made tweaks to the RTM of Windows 8 to make the Metro-style start screen an unavoidable aspect of the Windows 8 experience. Windows 8 RTM was announced by Microsoft last week and will be available around the world on October 26.

As reported by ZDNet, those with access to the RTM build--ahead of its availability to MSDN developers and TechNet professionals on August 15--have confirmed that Windows 8 users will not be able to avoid the Metro-style start screen using tricks that worked with earlier releases. Under the test builds of Windows 8, this could be done by jury-rigging a shortcut to switch to the Windows 8 desktop upon startup. Some administrators were also hoping that Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) would have a group policy option to allow PCs to boot into the desktop on a company-wide level. Alas, this may also be blocked, according to the report.

The main concern businesses have with the inability to skip the Metro-style start screen has to do with retraining, as well as the potential inconvenience on non touch-enabled hardware. Moreover, businesses that rely solely on an in-house developed application are also unlikely to benefit from the start screen.

Microsoft confirmed last Friday that it plans to discontinue the use of "Metro" tag that has been used to describe the touch-friendly interface in Windows 8. Reports say this is due to a possible copyright dispute over the name with a European retail partner. In an internal memo seen by The Verge, employees were asked to use the phrase "Windows 8 style UI" until the announcement of a replacement, which was originally thought to take place over the weekend.

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