Windows 7 RTM to lose official support in April


The Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will become the only officially supported version of the popular PC operating system as of April 9, in adherence to Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) policy of dropping support for the initial edition 24 months after the release of the first service pack.

It has been almost four years--2009--since the release of Windows 7 RTM, or Release To Manufacturing, while Windows 7 SP1 was released in late February 2011.

To be clear, Microsoft will continue supporting Windows 7 for a few years. As reported by Computerworld, Microsoft has committed to support Windows 7 with both non-security bug fixes and security patches until January 13, 2015. From there, Microsoft will be supporting Windows 7 with security related updates for another five years, or until January 2020.

Windows XP, which was first released a decade before Windows 7, will see security updates cease in April 8, 2014. The inordinate length of support for Windows XP can be attributed to repeated extensions given by Microsoft.

As far as Windows 7 is concerned, rumors late last year have suggested that there would not be a second service pack for Windows 7. If true, this is in line with earlier reports of Microsoft moving towards a shorter and more regular annual updates. For now, organizations that have blocked Windows 7 SP1 can get it as a free download here.

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