Why the upcoming release of Windows Blue matters


We reported last week about rumors surrounding Microsoft's next version of the Windows operating system, which will be known as "Blue." At least one source claims it will be free, and with a release date pegged to later this year. This appears to corroborate reports from last year that Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is working on annual updates for Windows.

Writing in eWeek, Don Reisinger outlined a host of reasons why the release of Windows Blue will have a significant impact on the adoption and use of Windows 8. He said Windows 8 just isn't attracting consumers and that the tweaks in Blue represent a fresh opportunity to appeal to them.

Changes in Blue will also make Windows more attractive to enterprise users. Additionally, more screen sizes will be supported in the new OS, extending down to smaller 7-inch tablets. And under the hood, a key component of Windows Blue is the improvement to the development tools for the Windows 8 operating system--making it easier to develop for Windows 8.

Ultimately, if nothing else, the release of Windows Blue will serve to generate additional hype for Windows, according to Reisinger. He wrote: "Windows Blue might revive some measure of the market anticipation that surrounded Windows 8, which might encourage people to give it a second look."

Of course, not everyone happens to think that Microsoft is taking the right steps to turn things around. You may want to read Paul Thurrott's take on what Microsoft is doing wrong.

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