What would you consolidate in 2013?


With just over a week to go before the start of a new year (and a well-deserved break with family and loved ones), I'm sure you're at least drafting out parts of the core IT plan and strategy for your organization in 2013.

It could be a fancy virtual desktop implementation, transiting your entire enterprise over to Windows 8, or even the migration of key business applications into a cloud-based solution such as Exchange Online or Amazon's (NASDAQ: AMZN) EC2 platform. Do check out this article if it's the latter.

Regardless what you have planned in the year ahead, the story of how Citigroup successfully consolidated 70 data centers into just 20 should serve as an encouragement that cost savings are still there to be had for enterprises with the leadership and decisiveness to push ahead.

You can read more in "Citigroup consolidates 70 data centers." What struck me was that the company said it would have even less data centers, if not for certain compliance regulations for satellite centers.

What's more, the feat appeared to be pulled off with tried-and-tested virtualization technology, allowing the organization to attain up to 50 percent server utilization--which by itself was kept comparatively low due to the need for Citigroup to buffer sharp spikes in demand.

If you were tasked in 2013 to consolidate increasingly scarce IT resources, what would be the focus for your enterprise? Would it be in the area of virtualization, cloud, security or perhaps even an OS change to increase the efficiency of the IT department? I would love to hear from you--do drop a quick note before heading out the door. Paul Mah  (Twitter @paulmah)

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