Toshiba announces self-encrypting 4TB hard disk drives


Toshiba mid-week announced its first family of 4TB hard disk drives for businesses. Operating at 7,200 rpm, the new HDD uses five platters at 800GB each to achieve its 4TB capacity. The drives are available in SATA 3 or SAS 2 variants, and self-encrypting models are also available.

The new HDDs are designed for continuous operation to meet enterprise needs as near line drives. "Toshiba's new 4TB drives provide the high-capacity and enterprise-class reliability required to keep up with rapid data growth," noted Joel Hagberg, VP of marketing at Toshiba storage products business, in a prepared statement.

The self-encrypting models offer near-instant erasing of on-board data by wiping the cryptographic key. The data is rendered useless without the ability to decrypt it, eliminating the need for lengthy data wipes. According to Toshiba, the SATA models support the T13 SANITIZE crypto-scramble protocol and the older, T13 ATA Secure Erase command, while the SAS models support the T10 SANITIZE crypto-erase feature and the Trusted Computing Group's Enterprise Security Sub-Classification protocols.

Samples of Toshiba's 4TB drives are expected to ship in December, with volume shipments expected to arrive in the early part of next year. No pricing information is available at the moment.

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