Survey reveals many BYOD workers don't care about company policies


A survey released by the CTIA wireless association has revealed what most of us knew all along: BYOD workers are using their personal devices to access work data, regardless of what their company policy has to say about it.

Of course, almost half (47 percent) of those surveyed have not heard of BYOD, despite the majority admitting to having engaged in some form of BYOD behavior.

Overall, it doesn't help that IT departments in general consider the security of these devices to be the employee's responsibility--despite the fact that they are often used to access company data. And many companies still don't have a formal IT policy to handle BYOD devices.

The survey also found that smaller businesses were less likely to take action to protect the mobile devices of their employees, and were less likely to communicate the importance of taking proactive security steps.

Some of the top security measures on this front range from using a password, using an antivirus program and installing software updates.

Another interesting nugget of information that was revealed by the survey is that the top five applications used by employees are email, calendars, scheduling, databases, company apps and directory services. Enterprises looking to lock down security gaps in their organization should start working on these apps first.

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