Study identifies most targeted business apps


A report released by Palo Alto Networks has identified the most targeted business applications. Surprisingly, while social networking applications do have a large footprint in corporate networks, it appears that attackers favor business-critical applications.

The findings came from analyzing the log data of more than 3,000 companies, and fly somewhat in the face of conventional wisdom. For one, they underscored how hackers actively target internal applications over social networking applications and BYOD. Incidences of malware spread through Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) or other social networks appear to be uncommon.

According to eWeek, attackers directed most of their malicious traffic towards ports used by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) SQL, remote procedure calls, web browsers, and the Server Message Block protocol. SMB is a common way of sharing files and printers across a corporate Windows network. Other protocols that are targeted include Active Directory, DNS, Microsoft Office Communicator, Microsoft SQL Monitor and Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is featured heavily in voice-over-IP communications.

Overall, the report found that the lion's share of attacks were geared towards web browsers. The research found more than 1,550 attack types on this front, reported eWeek.

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