SSD shipments expected to rise by 300 percent


Shipments of solid-state drives should rise by over 300 percent between 2013 and 2017, according to market researchers from IHS iSuppli.

Of course, SSDs are starting off from a much lower base, though the projected increase should place them at half of traditional hard disk drive shipments in 2017. An estimated 69 million units of SSDs and 436.9 million units of HDDs are expected to be sold this year. In comparison, HDD shipments are predicted to decline by 14 percent in the same time period, with just 409.9 million units in 2017.

As reported by The Register, IHS storage analyst Fang Zhang explained, "The HDD industry is suffering the multi-layered effects of a depressed market, resulting from a weak global economy, upgrades not being made for desktop and notebook PCs alike as replacement cycles get extended, and cannibalisation by flashier devices like mobile handsets and tablets."

The clear move to SSDs is the primary reason behind new SSHD (or hybrid) drives announced by Western Digital just two weeks ago. By melding a small amount of flash memory with a HDD, hard disk makers are able to combine the performance characteristics of an SSD with the cheap storage of a HDD.

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