Sharing web pages now possible with Google Drive


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) this week enabled a new feature that allows web developers to host their web pages on its Google Drive cloud storage service.

The feature is enabled by default, and requires that developers first share a folder as "Public on the Web." Once they have done that, they can upload all relevant HTML, JavaScript and CSS files into the folder.

Opening the HTML file will cause a "Preview" button to appear in the toolbar, which also reveals the URL that users can provide to allow individuals (or the public) to view the webpage. Though this is a minor feature enhancement, it offers an easy way for web developers to selectively show off work-in-progress to get feedback.

Of course, it has been pointed out that the uploaded files are not editable, which places a limit on multiple users using it as a collaborative medium for development. Additionally, only HTML can apparently be linked in this manner, though some users commenting on the official announcement say that appending a JavaScript file with ".html" causes it to load. Developers interested in trying out this feature can check out this detailed "How to share" guide here.

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