Security firms warn of new AutoRun malware on Windows


Security vendors have detected a spike in malware that are spread through the AutoRun software on Windows, and are warning businesses about it. According to CSO Online, the latest infections are believed to happen through unpatched computers, shared folders and social media.

The report noted that the malware is called /VBNA-X, W32/Autorun.worm.aaeb, W32.ChangeUp and WORM_VOBFUS, depending on the antivirus vendor.

It is worth noting that Windows 7 and Windows 8 will not launch the infamous autorun.inf file by default, while patches have been released via Windows Update for older systems such as Windows Vista and Windows XP. We previously reported on how the patches were allowing Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) to win the war against AutoRun malware in June last year.

In this case, the use of shared folders on a corporate network is highlighted as the primary method for the spread of this new malware. As such, the advice is for administrators to ensure that AutoRun is disabled on all Windows operating systems, as well as restricting the write permissions of file shares. The latter will help protect against malware spreading within the corporate network.

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