Seagate launches next-gen Momentus XT hybrid drive


Hard disk manufacturer Seagate has started shipping its second-generation hybrid hard drive (HHD), just one and a half years after the release of the company's first-gen HHD in May 2010. As its name suggests, a HHD is a hybrid design that merges a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) with a smattering of onboard flash memory to boost its performance without the cost premium that a solid-state drive (SSD) entails.

The first generation Momentus was plagued by complaints of lackluster performance, a problem which has apparently been resolved courtesy of the smarter algorithms and use of 8GB enterprise-grade SLC flash. Seagate says the new Momentus XT incorporates Adaptive Memory and Fast Factor technologies and is 70 percent faster than the earlier models and three times faster than a normal hard disk drive.

Indeed, a chart on ExtremeTech comparing the application load times of the Momentus XT with an Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) 320 SSD shows the former tailing only slightly. Moreover, unlike with the 2010 HHD launch, Seagate has lined up seven OEMs to ship laptops that come with the Seagate Momentus XT drive. The Momentus XT is available at major online retailers and will be priced at $245 for the 750GB model.

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