Samsung introduces 2 new high-performance SSDs for the enterprise


Samsung introduced two new solid state drives that deliver better performance and durability than existing SSDs from the company. Designed with the enterprise data center in mind, the new SSDs can be deployed in servers or embedded solutions.

The SM843 is a SATA drive that offers sequential read and write performance of 520MB/s and 420MB/s respectively, as well as 70,000 of sustained random read IOPs. Designed as a drive for mainstream workloads, it offers a budget-friendly design based on MLC NAND that offers an improved endurance in terms of terabytes written, or the total amount of data that can be written to disk over the drive's lifetime.

Pegged at 800 TBW, it is a significant improvement over the 60 TBW of previous MLC NAND-based SSDs from Samsung, and is also more durable than comparable drives from many competitors.

The SM1625, on the other hand, is Samsung's first dual-ported SAS SSD that uses a pricier enterprise multi-level cell NAND design. It offers read and write performance of 740MB/s and 848MB/s, and delivers up to 101,000 IOPS of random reads when using both ports. Moreover, onboard super capacitors offer protection to data in-flight in the event of a power loss.

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