RIM moves to block commonly used passwords


It appears that RIM has drawn up a blacklist of common passwords to better protect customers who will use its upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This was reported by RapidBerry, who reproduced the list of 106 forbidden passwords that was found in a PasswordService.properties file. As you may expect, this includes passwords such as 123456, aaaaaa, abc123, password, newpass and trustno1.

While we do not typically cover smartphones on TechWatch:FierceCIO, this move by RIM (NASDAQ: RIMM) to block commonly used passwords draws attention to the state of password security. InformationWeek observed that the move was designed "to coax people into selecting more secure passwords by denying them the ability to use the idiotic and insecure passwords they might prefer to pick."

In my opinion, the bigger question has to do with the continued use of static passwords to protect corporate resources in enterprises around the world--despite the availability of biometric hardware or other advanced security solutions.

Static passwords are vulnerable to keystroke loggers, or just an eagle-eyed hacker figuring out the password by watching it being entered. Do check out today's editorial on my thoughts pertaining to password security.

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