RIM BlackPad tablet will not run the BlackBerry OS


RIM's (NASDAQ: RIMM) yet-to-be-announced BlackPad tablet will run on custom software developed by a company called QNX Software Systems, according to new rumors that have surfaced. The company was acquired by RIM for $200 million in April this year, ostensibly to allow RIM to better integrate its smartphone offerings with vehicles.

QNX is a company well-known for its real-time operating system (RTOS), used in critical components ranging from automotive navigation systems to cardiac monitors. A version of the RTOS will supposedly be created to specially spearhead RIM's first foray into the tablet space.

As a result, RIM will not be using its BlackBerry operating system (OS), or even a variant, for its tablet device. Where the rationale behind abandoning the BlackBerry OS is concerned, Bloomberg reports that the presence of legacy code in the BlackBerry operating system made it a poor choice for adoption into a tablet.

Indeed, the BlackBerry OS has been around for a while. It is old compared to the much newer operating systems on the market. Examples are Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android or Chrome OS, Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS and the webOS recently acquired by HP (NYSE: HPQ) as part of buying Palm. Even Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has decided to rewrite its mobile operating system from scratch. Taking the various competitors into consideration, RIM's decision to build on a more modern, proven OS appears to be a completely logical one.

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