Researchers unveil ransomware that speaks in victim's language


A new variant of a malware that locks up a computer to prevent its use has been found. Also known as "ransomware," such malware works either by completely locking up a computer system, or hindering its normal use or preventing access to important documents.

The cybercriminals extort money from the victim to return the system to normal functioning, which is typically done using an "unlock code" that is only sent out upon receipt of payment.

As reported by Trend Micro, the TROJ_REVETON.HM is known as a "police ransomware," due to its attempt to scam by masquerading as a local law-enforcement agency. The new tweak entails the use of a voice message when asking for payment, which is spoken in the language of the country where the victim is located.

The problem of ransomware is hardly a new one, though it has appeared to be sufficiently lucrative in recent years. For example, a ransomware that attacked the master boot record was reported earlier this year, and another exists that encrypts work documents. According to a report by Symantec last month, losses to ransomware-wielding cybercriminals were estimated to be over $5 million dollars each year.

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