Researcher hacks into Samsung 'Smart TV'


A researcher claims to have uncovered a vulnerability in most models of Samsung's "Smart TV" that allows him to locate their IP addresses on the Internet. Luigi Auriemma from Malta-based ReVuln said that once found,  he is able to leverage the flaw to remotely break into the popular range of network-connected televisions from Samsung.

According to Auriemma, the remote exploit gives attackers the ability to exercise the same level of control as someone in front of the TV, giving them root access and allowing them to install malicious software. Though he did not disclose technical details of his exploit, the feat was documented in a short video clip hosted on Vimeo here.

This research raises the prospect that owners of Internet-connected consumer devices--which are increasing by the day-- will eventually find themselves exposed to the same levels of security threats as computer users.

"Air-conditioning units, lighting systems, and TVs that offer networking features typically use bare-bones operating systems that don't include the kinds of exploit defenses Microsoft and Apple have spent years developing." writes Dan Goodin, security editor of Ars Technica.

It must be pointed out that a TV hidden behind an internet router--performing network address translation--will not be vulnerable to the attack highlighted above. As with every networked device though, it will be still vulnerable should a hacker gain access to the network through other means--such as a compromised computer or a misconfigured Wi-Fi access point.

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