Q3 shipments of external disk storage surpass 7 exabytes, says IDC


Storage vendors shipped 7.1 exabytes of storage capacity in the third quarter of this year, according to IDC in a new report.

This represents a 24.4 percent year-over-year growth, and is driven by demand for multi-protocol storage systems and demand for mid to high-end storage systems. To make sense of the figures: 7.1 exabytes is 7,100 petabytes; a thousand terabytes makes up a petabyte.

What is surprising about the growth is how it has increased despite persistent concerns about the state of the economy around the globe. Moreover, technologies such as deduplication and thin provisioning should have played a major role to reduce storage requirements in businesses. Finally, increasing adoption of solid-state drives would also have eroded the appeal of hard disk storage.

Eric Sheppard, a research director at IDC, pointed out that "You have this confluence of market forces and technology advancements that would suggest users can get by with less, and yet there's still consumption growth."

According to Computerworld, EMC is the leading vendor in various segments ranging from external disk storage systems, the open networked disk storage market and the open SAN market.

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