Preparing for a software license audit


CIO recently reported on how IT departments can prepare for a software license audit, a topic that should interest both SMBs and larger enterprises. One important aspect that contributor Stephanie Overby pointed out was selecting the right licensing structure from the onset.

The crux of the issue revolves around how a typical software vendor will write in as many license right restrictions as they can, though these are often open to negotiation depending on the leverage of a particular company. Having things pegged down early ensures that there are no surprise costs down the road.

In addition, it has become evident that spreadsheets are no longer adequate to track the use of software licenses. The article cites an IDC enterprise software survey that found that 75 percent of companies rely on the use of an automated solution to manage their software compliance.

Finally, it is often best for enterprises to approach a vendor and fess up upon discovering a licensing issue. This is more advantageous and generally offers an enterprise the leeway to negotiate discounts for the additional licenses needed. This is not available with an audit scenario.

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