Palm goes Windows Mobile with Treo 750


ZDnet has some photos up of the newly-announced Palm Treo 750, Palm's long-awaited, 3G-enabled Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. Palm stopped by the offices of DailyTechRag a few weeks ago with the phone in tow and I must say that for all the power under the hood, the phone comes in a remarkably small, sleek package. Sure, it's not nearly as thin as the Dashes and BlackJacks of the world but unlike those devices, the 750 couples Windows Mobile 5 with Palm's trademark touch-screen. By ditching the external antenna and adding a nice rubberized outer shell, Palm has made the 750 both more portable and easier to grip. As ZDnet notes, however, the cramped QWERTY keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. The Treo 750 is available now, exclusively through Cingular.

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