Nvidia to bring wireless video and audio streaming to Android tablets


Android users can expect to have wireless video and audio streaming on their Tegra 3-powered Android devices soon, according to an announcement by chipmaker Nvidia. The company says it will incorporate support for the new Miracast Wi-Fi Direct based protocol in its Tegra 3 platform.

According to Tom's Hardware, Nvidia says it has developed a Miracast wireless display stack that is Tegra 3 optimized. This will allow OEMs to more easily implement a Miracast certifiable product. A formal certification program for Miracast is expected to be released by the Wi-Fi Alliance within the next few months.

Miracast is expected to overcome interoperability issues plaguing other streaming media standards like DLNA, and is also expected to become a direct competitor to AirPlay. Unlike Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) Airplay, which requires the presence of a hub such as an Apple TV or Airport Express, Miracast will work directly with devices that support the Miracast standard, which could be smartphones or TVs.

A white paper released by Nvidia outlined the Miracast wireless display architecture: "Miracast Certified devices will be able to connect with each other directly, without the mediation of a wireless access point, by leveraging the functionality introduced by Wi-Fi Direct. When two devices connect with each other directly, one assumes the role of the source (transmitting device) and the other becomes a sink (the devices receiving and rendering the content to the user)."

Nvidia says it is actively working with OEM partners and a Miracast receiver vendor to bring the technology to the market. The company also promised more updates once the Wi-Fi Alliance ratifies the Miracast specifications.

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