No consumer demand for gigabit Internet, says Time Warner


Users are not really interested in gigabit Internet speeds, according to Irene Esteves, chief financial officer for Time Warner Cable. In a report on The Verge, she said, "We just don't see the need of delivering that [Gigabit Ethernet] to consumers."

Esteves noted that the company already offers up to 10 gigabits per second connectivity to business customers, hence the capability already exists. However, residential customers have shown little interest in the top speed tiers offered by the company. TWC is not closed to the idea of delivering ultra-fast Internet to homes if there is sufficient demand however, should Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) find "the magic pill and find applications that require [gigabit Internet]."

Some are skeptical of TWC's claims, given that its fastest Internet offering is just 50Mbps. Then again, that fact that this option requires some digging seems to support Esteves' claim that it isn't a popular option.

Ultimately, having gigabit Internet connectivity from home sounds highly compelling to workers who need to work from home, none withstanding the shift over at Yahoo to stop telecommuting. I do have some thoughts about the utility of high speed Internet, which you can read in today's editorial.

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